Sephora VIB Sale

I have the little VIB silver card in my wallet and I am hoarding thousands 😬 but I have no idea what I am saving them for either! I have compiled a few of the best sellers from last year, this year, and NEW best sellers. 15% off their entire site which means it's time to stock up on your favorites and maybe try something new! The shopping event starts NOW for the Sephora VIP+ Beauty Insiders and the sale runs through April 23.

I bought a few items to try before I go telling you all how amazing it is, because I really want to be your go-to gal! I know you won't always love everything I suggest and that is totally fine, because people have different skin types, tones and complaints. So I have broken the shopping down for you and what products are my go-to and my newest obsessions!

Top Sellers Year after Year:

Products that I swear by and/or use daily:

Below are products that I have picked up and just started using and I am obsessed!

Lastly, these are products on my list to try once the sale starts! Some items are repeated from the other lists but if they are best sellers year after year, I gotta see what the hype is!

My Top Fragrances- Old & New

I love perfume just like I love everything else! I feel that there are certain scents that go with my mood or the event I may be attending...or maybe I just make that all up so I can buy more πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ But in reality I think my husband buys me most of it because he has no clue what to get me for most occasions except purses and donuts πŸ˜‚

My top 3 favorites that I grab most often are Flowerbomb, Chance, and Illicit.

All of them are linked below with photos that you can click on....and a few throw backs from high school AND grade school! Haha I had to!

TIP: When I travel I do not like taking my large bottles of perfume because they always break or something, so if you ask the perfume counters for samples, take those! If they do not have samples of that on hand, buy a roller ball, OR these mini testers and fill with your own perfume from home, mouthwash for your purse, hand sanitizers or essential oils for travel or your purse!

Let's Get Basic

Anyone else find themselves picking up basics like everywhere you shop? I mean, they are a closet staple and we tend to wear and use them over and over so we feel that we have gotten our moneys worth right? Well, I totally agree and I love them so much is because I like finding new ways to wear basic pieces to jazz them up! For example, buy a tunic and layer it over leggings OR tie it up at the hip and pair a leather jacket and pumps with it! BOOM! Hot date look.

I have picked out some pieces below that I would call my "basic" things. Remember just because the photo shows a certain color, it doesn't mean that is the only color it comes in! Most of them come in 3 or more different colors. If you always go for black....try to pick white πŸ˜‰ Step outside of your comfort zone and add some color and texture to your closets this Spring!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these pieces! If you want outfit inspiration, follow me on Instagram @ladyandredstyle and on @liketoknowit to shop all of my outfits in one place! If you are not familiar with Like to Know it, you can read my post HERE on how to get started! It is super simple! Think Pinterest shopping, but so much easier. And if you want to create a folder of looks to wear, follow me on Pinterest and pin your favorite looks!


Fill the Cart Friday- Sephora

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great week. I thought since I get a lot of questions on my makeup or products I use, I would highlight some of my favorites again and some of my new favorites! My hair tutorial HERE where I have made a video of how I curl my hair, and linked below the hair tutorial video is all of the products I use on my hair! Just click them and shop. Another post I have done HERE goes over all of the makeup I use on my face or products I have and love too!



BENEFIT MASCARA-I know I have linked these before but if you are new to my blog you are seeing this for the first time! I apply this mascara after the Bad Gal Lash mascara for a more dramatic look! I use the color black, but there are several other colors available.


BENEFIT BAD GAL LASH- I am in love with this mascara! The brush is perfect for catching each eyelash making them look fuller! I apply this one first.



GLAM GLOW- Don't you love it when you are given samples that you actually end up loving? This is one of them! It is a moisturizer that I use over my normal one, and I actually just apply it to under my eyes and cheekbones! If you don't wear makeup this is perfect for you too! Oh and it smells SUPER yummy!



PRIMER WATER - I know, I know it totally sounds like a joke but it works and I love it! I already have and love Photo Finish Primer but honestly I forget to put it on first like 99% of the time. So that is where this one is perfect because you do your makeup like normal then spray it on afterwards! I got this recommendation from my blogger friend!


FLOWERBOMB- This perfume is my favorite! Rich floral notes and so sexy. Perfect for any occasion. If you don't know what you want for the Holidays, put this on your list!


MORACCAN OIL DRY SHAMPOO- My hair is made up of about 70% dry shampoo on any given day and I only use this one. If I could get them to give me stock to promote it I would be in heaven! Haha. TIP: when I straighten my hair I feel it looses body, so after I wash and straighten, I spray my root line with this dry shampoo even though my hair is clean! They have a light tone and dark tone. I use the light tone since I want it to look lighter πŸ˜‰ If you have darker hair, here is that LINK.

I also use the MORACCAN OIL itself when I get out of the shower! One pump and I run it through my damp hair.



RINSE OFF EYE MAKEUP- I don't go anywhere without this stuff! I scored a travel size one from a kit and I just refill that one so I can carry it on the airplane! I just take a Kleenex and dab a bit on it and wipe under and around my eyes! Super gentle and great for my sensitive skin.


HAND CREAM- I always keep this in my purse! It is not greasy and small enough not to be obnoxious in my purses AND it comes in a ton of yummy scents, but I always go back to the almond or Shea. So boring I know.


YSL LIPSTICK The color I love is 13. Lucky number 13. It is a great neutral color, but I also love number 107 too! It lasts longer than a normal lip color but not difficult to remove!