How to Style Faux Leather Leggings

Not gonna lie, these are my favorite pants. Why? Because they are “fancier” than just cotton leggings, but just as comfy. I have paired them with just about everything and it all works! It is easy to find an affordable option but if you want the suck me in pair, they will cost you about $90. But they last forever!

If you are not comfortable stepping outside of the box and wearing a faux leather, I have linked an affordable pair for you and I want you to just try it! Fashion is fun remember??


1.) I love a good chambray top and its long enough to cover the bum so I paired it with these leggings. Because it is getting colder, adding a cardigan tops off the look.


2.) It’s not a secret I love shoes….and bags and jeans and…..😂 Any sweater pairs well with these leggings as long as it covers the booty. If you are under 25, you can probably let the booty be seen.


3.) OTK boots are an easy way to wear these leggings. They cover almost all of them! Easy, chic look.


4.) I have progressed from leggings to pants because I love them so much. Note the booties….they are on repeat alllll the time. I will link them below because I found them from last year and they are a great investment.


5.) Sweater, boots and of course leggings! Just add a sweater with a bit of a print!


6.) Travel style. I paired them with flip flops and a workout tee for my flight. Easy to add layers and I am that girl who brings socks on the plane because my feet always freeze!


7.) Basic tee and a pop of color. If I know I am going to be wearing my coat for most of the event, I will pair it with something more fun like a graphic tee. A blazer would be a great pop of color or pattern too.


8.) Add a work wear faux wrap blouse. If you work in an office this is an easy outfit to wear. You may get a few looks but if your bits are covered, I don’t see the problem.

October Best Sellers!

Ended October celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday! Where does the time go friends?? Next I will be trying to teach her to drive and my hair will be GRAY!! Haha But for now, I will keep injecting botox and coloring my hair 😂

Let’s round up October’s best sellers so we can all get some retail therapy in and feel better about ourselves! Haha

I have linked them here for you below!


1.) JOGGERS I guess by these being the top seller we are getting ready for our Winter bodies and comfies 😂 But who doesn’t love comfy pants and in the cutest, trendiest print? They run tts but I usually size down in joggers to avoid saggy butt. I have them in an XS.


2.) SUNGLASSES These should be a best seller every month as much as I wear and share them! They are the best sunglasses. I get the mini so I avoid looking like a bug and they are light weight so you can wear them for long periods of time!


3.) SHOES These are the most comfortable Valentino dupes and they come in several colors! They run TTS.


4.) SWEATER Can you even say sweater without thinking “sweata weatha” 😂 This one has the cutest cable knit sleeves and super cozy fabric! It runs TTS and comes in a few colors!


5.) MOM JEANS that are $22 and so on trend! I love the color and distress of this pair. I would size down in these as they typically run big in this style.


6.) CAMO The only camo pants you will need in your closet! I love the color and fit of these! So good they have been back in stock for 2 years!


7.) WATCH BAND This band is $11 is the nicest leather band and it holds up so good! It comes in the colors on the side but I only have black.


8.) CARDIGAN $40 cardigan is a must have basic for any closet. Size down, it runs big and comes in other colors too!


9.) SWEATER Affordable sweater at my favorite store ever….can you guess? Go in for 1 thing, come out with the store 😂 #Target


10.) BASIC WITCH. I may wear a shirt that says basic, but if anyone really knows me, I am anything but basic 💁🏼 but I do love a good Starbucks! This sweatshirt is fun and cheeky and a best seller for good reason! It runs TTS.

8 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Do you have a leather jacket taking up space in your closet because you don’t know what to wear it with? Or maybe you have seen others wearing one and think you could never pull it off? Well ladies I am here to help! I absolutely love my jacket and I did invest in a real leather one because I knew it would be a closet staple for years to come, and it has been! If you prefer faux leather then I will link those too along with a few plus size options too!


1.) About as basic and easy as it gets. Pair it over a white tee and add statement booties, heels, OR sneakers! It adds just the right amount of “put together”.


2.) Pair it with a fun (aka LOUD) printed dress! It goes great with leopard or florals to add that bit of edge but breaks up the print.


3.) Add a hoodie underneath it to change up the style! This one has a removable hood and comes in this gorgeous green or burgundy.


4.) Go for an all neutral look! This is hands down the best faux jacket ever! It comes in so many colors and runs TTS. If you get black, pair it will all black. If you get a color, make it the statement piece.


5.) Wear it with work pants! It takes them from boring office job to happy hour look instantly! **Don’t tell your boss I called your work boring either 😳


6.) Grab a jacket with some leather if you are looking for a more everyday look! This exact one is linked below and is currently 1/2 off!! It runs TTS and I am wearing a small.


7.) If you already have a basic black jacket, add one with some flair! I love this fringe one!


8.) Ohhh sweater dress season is here and you could even wear this with OTK boots too!

Below I have linked a few of my favorites from above and some are on major sale!! I hope you loved this post and if so, I will do more of them in the future! XO and happy shopping!

Your Wedding Guestbook Re-designed with Joy Anthology

Are you married? If so, where is your wedding guestbook right now? Did you even look through the names on your book to see who all attended your wedding? My point exactly! I know that I didn’t, and for those of you getting married soon or planning a future wedding, I have something you and your guests will absolutely love!

Joy Anthology. You probably never heard of it and neither had I until I had the privilege of working on this special project. A mother-daughter duo have created this ingenious idea with both of their backgrounds being professional photographers. Meet Holleen and Becca, the names behind this Iowa-based company, Joy Anthology. You can read more about their story HERE.


They were looking for a way for a new age way to capture the candid and intimate moments with the guests at their wedding. This is where the idea came to fruition. Say hello to the newest trend in wedding guestbooks!


Completely customizable to your taste and decor, this is a 16X20X1.5 inch canvas with 100 photos of your guests at your wedding! (Ideal for weddings 100-300 in size). It is a piece of art. A statement piece. A conversation piece. Memories that will be shared with guests for years to come. Each canvas comes mounted and finished. Your canvas will also include a dust cover, hanging hardware, and wall buddies at no extra charge.

Through a custom mobile-friendly online tool, guests are invited to upload a photo (selfies welcome) to the event’s unique portal. The uploads are then approved by you and are populated into a stunning, artful, canvas print.

Step 1: Create an account with Joy Anthology and design your canvas.

Step 2: Customize your guest experience. There are no downloads or fees for guests to participate! Simply create a sign for your wedding (like the image pictured below) and to tell them how to participate. You will receive a URL special to your wedding where you can share this with guests even before the big day via social media, email, or your wedding website.

Step 3: Complete your purchase and get ready to text, click and submit your guestbook!


Below I have highlighted the most asked questions from brides and if I did not answer your question, feel free to contact them directly HERE.

🙋🏼 What if I have more than 100 guests?

Multiple people can be featured in 1 photo. For instance, 1 family all together or 1 table of guests. Under the photo you can state either the Adams Family OR Table 10.

🙋🏼 Are you worried about what photos are uploaded to your personal site for your canvas?

No problem. You can edit and choose what is added and not added in case Uncle Eddy gets a little tipsy from the punch 😉

🙋🏼 What if guests don’t have social media?

All good. You can share the link via email or your wedding website as well.

🙋🏼 What if my guests forget to upload a photo at my wedding?

Your guests have 3 days after the event to submit photos.

Do you want to take a closer look or get started on your own guestbook? Simply follow the 3 easy steps found HERE on their website to get started! The cost is $225 + tax BUT Holleen and Becca (the founders) are giving you guys 10% off by using the code “LADYANDRED10”.

Make sure to follow JOY ANTHOLOGY on Instagram or Facebook and tag them with your creations in your home.


**This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and words are my own.