Shop the Sephora SALE!

The best time to stock up on your favorites or to try something NEW! The Sephora VIB sale never disappoints! The only YouTube videos I could watch for hours are makeup tutorials and honestly, I get asked a lot to do one but I really have no freaking idea what I am actually doing!

 I have linked my favorite products that I use everyday with this post with captions and the colors I love!

I am also looking forward to trying out some new products to share with you guys soon! 

Sephora VIB Sale

I have the little VIB silver card in my wallet and I am hoarding thousands 😬 but I have no idea what I am saving them for either! I have compiled a few of the best sellers from last year, this year, and NEW best sellers. 15% off their entire site which means it's time to stock up on your favorites and maybe try something new! The shopping event starts NOW for the Sephora VIP+ Beauty Insiders and the sale runs through April 23.

I bought a few items to try before I go telling you all how amazing it is, because I really want to be your go-to gal! I know you won't always love everything I suggest and that is totally fine, because people have different skin types, tones and complaints. So I have broken the shopping down for you and what products are my go-to and my newest obsessions!

Top Sellers Year after Year:

Products that I swear by and/or use daily:

Below are products that I have picked up and just started using and I am obsessed!

Lastly, these are products on my list to try once the sale starts! Some items are repeated from the other lists but if they are best sellers year after year, I gotta see what the hype is!

My Top Fragrances- Old & New

I love perfume just like I love everything else! I feel that there are certain scents that go with my mood or the event I may be attending...or maybe I just make that all up so I can buy more πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ But in reality I think my husband buys me most of it because he has no clue what to get me for most occasions except purses and donuts πŸ˜‚

My top 3 favorites that I grab most often are Flowerbomb, Chance, and Illicit.

All of them are linked below with photos that you can click on....and a few throw backs from high school AND grade school! Haha I had to!

TIP: When I travel I do not like taking my large bottles of perfume because they always break or something, so if you ask the perfume counters for samples, take those! If they do not have samples of that on hand, buy a roller ball, OR these mini testers and fill with your own perfume from home, mouthwash for your purse, hand sanitizers or essential oils for travel or your purse!

Drugstore Lip Color Review

Everyone including me loves a good deal, especially when it comes to beauty products because I know you all have like 2-3 lipsticks MINIMUM in your purse right now! Haha I can't be the only one! I do wear a lot of lip color because I love it and it is the easiest way to look put together when you are feeling like a hot mess. So I went to every other day πŸ™„ and decided to do a post like this for you guys. One because it was fun and also so I could just buy more lip color! I just walked through the isles and picked up colors based on what I like! Here is what I ended up with.

COVERGIRL Melting Pout Matte-Current Nude $6.99


I love the color but the smell kind of bugs me. Smells a bit like plastic or something. It is soft and goes on fairly easy, but does not last very long. VERDICT: Wouldn't buy again.

COVERGIRL Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick-150 Raspberry Jelly $6.99


I did not love it the first time I put it on but after you wet the sponge applicator it goes on so smooth and the color is bold and so pretty. It makes your teeth look so white which is always a win in my book! The color lasted about 2-3 hours for me and that was eating and drinking! VERDICT: I would buy it again if I wanted to find an inexpensive bold color!

REVLON Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lip color- 680 Glam $7.99


Love this one too! Smells like something yummy/fruity and goes on so smooth! This color is the perfect shade of pink too. It doesn't last very long, like maybe 3 hours or so, but it's texture, smell and color make up for it! VERDICT: Love it and would buy it in several colors!

L'OREAL Infallible Paints- 314 Spicy Blush $7.99


This one for me was the most moisturizing one! Went on really smooth and made my lips feel and remain soft. Pleasant smell too. It doesn't claim to be long lasting so I did have to reapply throughout the day. VERDICT: I like it and would buy it again!

NYX Lingerie- 02 LIPLI $6.99


I dislike this applicator wand. It is too skinny and hard. It is a matte color and I do love the color and it stays on really well! Mine lasted about 5+ hours with no problem but it is a tad dry/sticky if that makes sense?! VERDICT: I would not buy any more but I will use the one I have.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- 18 Prague $6.49


Obsessed with this color! So bright and bold, stays on fairly well but does not claim to be long lasting. Has a yummy vanilla smell to it. VERDICT: I would totally buy this again!

MAYBELLINE Vivid Matte Liquid- 02 Grey Envy $6.99


Super thick and creamy, goes on smooth and drys matte. Great neutral color. I do not love it but it does keep your lips soft as well, but it left mine a tad numb/tingly without the plumping. Which is did not indicate it did. Pretty non-descript. VERDICT: I would probably not buy this again.

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink- 65 Seductress $7.99


My favorite. I do not love the wand to apply it with but it stays on my lips forever! Which is what it claims to do! I wake up with hot lips as I call it! Haha. I am in love with this neutral color. VERDICT: I am looking forward to scooping up more colors and actually went back and bought the color lover πŸ˜‰

If you have any other favorites that I didn't scoop up let me know! I am always down for another trip to Target! XO lovelies!