Drugstore Lip Color Review

Everyone including me loves a good deal, especially when it comes to beauty products because I know you all have like 2-3 lipsticks MINIMUM in your purse right now! Haha I can't be the only one! I do wear a lot of lip color because I love it and it is the easiest way to look put together when you are feeling like a hot mess. So I went to Target...like every other day 🙄 and decided to do a post like this for you guys. One because it was fun and also so I could just buy more lip color! I just walked through the isles and picked up colors based on what I like! Here is what I ended up with.

COVERGIRL Melting Pout Matte-Current Nude $6.99


I love the color but the smell kind of bugs me. Smells a bit like plastic or something. It is soft and goes on fairly easy, but does not last very long. VERDICT: Wouldn't buy again.

COVERGIRL Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick-150 Raspberry Jelly $6.99


I did not love it the first time I put it on but after you wet the sponge applicator it goes on so smooth and the color is bold and so pretty. It makes your teeth look so white which is always a win in my book! The color lasted about 2-3 hours for me and that was eating and drinking! VERDICT: I would buy it again if I wanted to find an inexpensive bold color!

REVLON Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lip color- 680 Glam $7.99


Love this one too! Smells like something yummy/fruity and goes on so smooth! This color is the perfect shade of pink too. It doesn't last very long, like maybe 3 hours or so, but it's texture, smell and color make up for it! VERDICT: Love it and would buy it in several colors!

L'OREAL Infallible Paints- 314 Spicy Blush $7.99


This one for me was the most moisturizing one! Went on really smooth and made my lips feel and remain soft. Pleasant smell too. It doesn't claim to be long lasting so I did have to reapply throughout the day. VERDICT: I like it and would buy it again!

NYX Lingerie- 02 LIPLI $6.99


I dislike this applicator wand. It is too skinny and hard. It is a matte color and I do love the color and it stays on really well! Mine lasted about 5+ hours with no problem but it is a tad dry/sticky if that makes sense?! VERDICT: I would not buy any more but I will use the one I have.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- 18 Prague $6.49


Obsessed with this color! So bright and bold, stays on fairly well but does not claim to be long lasting. Has a yummy vanilla smell to it. VERDICT: I would totally buy this again!

MAYBELLINE Vivid Matte Liquid- 02 Grey Envy $6.99


Super thick and creamy, goes on smooth and drys matte. Great neutral color. I do not love it but it does keep your lips soft as well, but it left mine a tad numb/tingly without the plumping. Which is did not indicate it did. Pretty non-descript. VERDICT: I would probably not buy this again.

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink- 65 Seductress $7.99


My favorite. I do not love the wand to apply it with but it stays on my lips forever! Which is what it claims to do! I wake up with hot lips as I call it! Haha. I am in love with this neutral color. VERDICT: I am looking forward to scooping up more colors and actually went back and bought the color lover 😉

If you have any other favorites that I didn't scoop up let me know! I am always down for another trip to Target! XO lovelies! 






Rehearsal Dresses for Every Style & Budget

Confession. I have never been a fan of the actual wedding ceremony, maybe because I feel anxious for everyone standing up front, but I love all things wedding, like the dresses, colors and the reception of course! I frequently run across dresses when I am shopping and think they would be so cute or perfect for a wedding or a rehearsal dress. So I took a poll on Instagram and asked my followers if they would be interested in a post and 90% said YES to the dress! Haha so cheesy, but seriously I was so excited because I love shopping for you guys.

I tried to find something for every budget and if you just hover on the photos it will show you the price and if you click the image, it will take you directly to where you can purchase it. I also tried to think of all of the different styles of wedding and locations. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites and please feel free to comment if you are wanting me to keep an eye out for something more specific!

'Tis the season!!

Travel- San Jose Del Cabo

Who could use a vacation right about now? I know that I am always up for one! Cabo is one of the vacations that is on our vacation rotation, if you will.  The weather is always great and the areas to explore are endless! I have traveled to Cabo previously with my toddler in tow, where met my family down there and we stayed in a VRBO. You can read about that vacation HERE. This time was very, very different, but a good different. So good that I am actually looking forward to going back there and exploring the rest of what San Jose has to offer. We stayed at our friends timeshare, which is a lot closer to the airport, so instead of being the last drop off in your shared van, you are the first! We stayed at the resort Cabo Azul. If you follow me on Instagram (@ladyandredstyle), you got a sneak peak into my trip through my Insta-stories and my photos. Our trip did not start out as well as I envisioned, but it definitely ended up being one of my favorites, and I am looking forward to going back!


I flew out on a Saturday with my daughter and my husband was going to meet us there on Monday. His work schedule is crazy sometimes, so I did not want to loose 2 nights we were paying for. I normally travel light and feel safe in Cabo, so it was like any other vacation. We arrived at our resort around 2:45pm, but check in time was not until 4pm. I hate that...I really need to do better at checking times and coordinating them because I want nothing more than to check in, take off my shoes, and relax after flying, especially while I was doing it alone with a toddler. Now don't get me wrong, she travels like a rock star, but it is still stressful! So, in our sweaters and pants we took a seat on some loungers next to the pool where my daughter was begging to swim. I caved and let her swim in her dress, because who cares right? The pool was like 1 foot deep....but not where my daughter ventured. She ended up in the deep end, doggy paddling like crazy, causing me to freak out and jump in up to my thighs in WHITE jeans and grab her. Seriously I can't make this crap up. Then I sat there in what was now, see through white pants until our room was ready, an hour later. But our room was worth the wait, thank goodness.

We had the 2 bedroom villa and it was gorgeous. My dream house has an entire wall that opens up for indoor/outdoor living and this had that 🙌 I had it open every day and enjoyed every minute of it. Our room had a fully equipped kitchen, but going to another country and stocking up on groceries seemed to be a bigger hassle for me than I wanted to take on. I used a delivery service with whom I communicated with a few weeks before our arrival, filled out a form of what I wanted, and BOOM it was delivered to my room upon our arrival! I planned to fix breakfast & lunch in the room and then we would eat out for dinner. I used Cabo Kruzer and you can find there HERE on Facebook or you can directly email them here: cabokruzer@gmail.com. Definitely would do this again!

They do have a small grocery store on the property at Cabo Azul, but I found it difficult to find everything I wanted and needed, but it is such a nice amenity to have. 


The above photo is the view from the balcony in the lobby where they hold weddings and concerts. It overlooks the main pool area. There are also 2 other smaller pools, plus a kids pool which is awesome with a slide and splash pad. Camp Tortuga is a camp available if you want some adult time. They have several times available from 10am-9pm making it definitely a kid friendly resort. But if you are wanting an escape from them, they have an adults only pool too.


We caught the sunrise a few mornings, because it is stunning. There is something so magical about the whole experience, for me anyways. 

If you venture about 1/2 mile down the beach from the resort, you will find a hatchery where they are releasing turtles. Gosh those things are so darn cute!


Across the street from the property are several restaurants, shops, and pharmacies so you don't have to venture as far as we did for dinner, but it is worth it. 

One of my favorite streets is pictured below. It was so festive, filled with the smell of fresh tortillas and people trying to sell bobble head animals, but I love it. We bought trinkets everywhere!

We ate at the restaurant Jasmin's that is right on this street. The staff are so friendly and treat you like family. We ate our weight in food, but they kept bringing us new dishes to try. Plus, just sitting on the patio soaking in the sights from the street with a glass of wine, was more than enough for me.


A lot of construction was going on in the city center while we were there but when it is done, it will be so awesome. Pavers on the roads, quaint little shops and the cutest restaurants. We just walked to the city center from the resort. It is safe, but it is maybe a bit longer than some want to walk. You can take the city bus or taxi but, if you want to take it all in....walk. We didn't bring the buggy, which was not the best choice, so we took turns carrying her. Next time I will just buy a cheap one at Walmart.


Oh my lanta this bowl of goodness is just that. Heaven. At a little hole in the wall restaurant called El Herradero where they serve the best molcajete bowls. I had never heard of them before this trip but they are so good. I mean we could never get by serving this in America because the bowl comes out so stinking hot it's boiling your food still 😳 but that is why I love Mexico. Don't let the photo angle fool you, it is a very large bowl and full of shrimp & spicy chicken, but I managed to eat it all! Duh. 

Other favorite spots to eat:

Don Sanchez


Las Cazuelas del Don- this is not fancy and no alcohol is served (working on getting their license) but they have the BEST key lime pie.


This girl is soooo my kid. I am thankful for this blog in more than one way because I have evidence or blackmail as I may call it later. In the photo above we were at an art gallery of a man named Ivan Guaderrama. If you are local to Des Moines area or have attended any of the Lutheran Churches of Hope, you may recognize the name. He was actually at a few of our services up in front, painting. You will find 3 Angel photos in the West Des Moines Lutheran Church of Hope lobby that he painted. But back to point. My daughter was complaining she wanted me to hold her because apparently 4 year olds are only able to walk where they want to go, so I told her that she had to smile for one photo by this painting and then I would carry her. This is what I got. Total turd.


After wandering through the streets during the Art walk on Thursday, we ended up at this place called Mi Casa. Fitting, because it is an old house that was renovated into a restaurant with an open courtyard. Very cozy and the food was amazing. Always ask the waiter what they suggest before you order. They know and they just may make you step outside of your comfort zone. The kitties were just a bonus I guess and definitely kept my daughter busy! 

The Art walk is a must. It is every Thursday and if you click the blue link above "art walk" it will take you to the main website for it and all of the information you need, as far as times and location. The art ranges from small photos to sculptures you couldn't quite possibly tuck in your carry on. Styles for every taste. I wanted this Art (below image) for my office. It was so much better in person than in the photo, but if I ever go back, I may make it mine.


The hotel has a restaurant on site that you must make time for, Javier's. This photo was taken from our table as the sun was setting. A perfect ending to this vacation. 


I have not had the chance yet to golf in Cabo, but when I do I will take the recommendations from my friends who visit this area several times a year. These are their top courses if you are interested in golfing:

El Cardonal


Club Campestre

Cabo Del Sol

Remember this resort is not downtown Cabo San Lucas, so they sights and restaurants you may be familiar with in Cabo are still there, but a short taxi ride away, if you want to still check it out. We have been to downtown Cabo several times, and honestly we never even thought to go downtown because there was so much to do here in San Jose. 

Always if you have any travel suggestions for me, please comment and let me know so I can try them when I return! I hope you loved reading about our vacation and in a few weeks we are off again to our other favorite place, Puerto Vallarta.


Easy Crockpot Ribs

I can't believe I haven't posted these yet because they are a staple in my household and they are so easy! Clearly, now is horrible timing to post recipes involving a crockpot after some guy name Jack died from it on a show called This is Us. But I don't watch the show so.....I know I know I swear I may be the only one! It's not that I don't like it, I just never got into it.

I have also become super lazy when it comes to using the crockpot since they invented those crockpot liners 😬 I mean it is a total waste of money not to just wash the pot but I use the crockpot when I am in a rush or don't feel like cooking, so for me they are a lifesaver!! 


I buy the pork loin back ribs from my local grocery store, HyVee and they come packaged like the above photo. I have tried the all beef ribs from Costco and other varieties, but I always come back to these.


Most of the time I just use one rack for 2 or 3 of us, but if I am feeding 4 or more I usually buy 2 packages to make sure there is enough. They refrigerate and re-heat well. 

If I buy one pack, I cut the loin in half (above photo). If I am cooking 2 full racks, I kind of situate them around the crock pot, not cut in halves. Do whatever fits yours best.


I literally just pull things out of my cabinet and toss them in, I love to cook that way! But here is what I toss in:

1-2 Tbsp minced garlic (can you tell I use a lot of garlic by the size of my jar 🙄)

1 tsp onion powder

1/3 cup BBQ sauce ( I love the Sweet Baby Rays-sweet & spicy) Less or more depending on what you like. I use a lot more when I am not eating low carb.

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 Tbsp smoked paprika ( I love to put this on steaks too)

Salt and pepper to taste

I normally just sprinkle, toss, and coat in my recipes so if you think you need a touch more on something, add it! 

Turn the crock pot on low all day. I cook mine 7-8 hours on low. Serve with cauliflower mash and green beans! 


You don't need to rotate or mess with them while they cook! They create their own juice to cook in and this is what mine look like about 2 hours before they are ready to serve.

They will fall off the bone!