Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Calling all mamas or mamas to be! I have put together a fun gift guide that you can either use as a gift guide for your mamas OR conveniently send it to your significant others inbox 😬 Let’s be honest…we all know how to drop a hint or two! Haha

The only thing I love more than anything on Mother’s Day is not cooking 🤷🏼‍♀️ Because I cook most meals at home and it is a treat to go out and not have to clean up anything! Although we were at Target the other day and I asked Rowan what she wanted to get me for Mother’s day and her reply was priceless….Louis Vuitton luggage. She is totally my kid. And then she proceeded to tell me to go look at in Target and she would let me pick it out. Ummm honey Target is great but not THAT great 😂

So to shop the images below, just click on the picture and it will take you to the product where you can add it to your cart!

Happy shopping….or hinting 😂



Heart Healthy with Gordmans ❤️

Did you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for 840,768 deaths (635,260 cardiac) in 2016? From 2006 to 2016, the US death rate from CVD decreased by 18.6% and from coronary heart disease by 31.8%.

(Statistic taken from the website from the AHA. )

I was excited to partner with Gordmans to bring awareness to heart health through their campaign #GetPumpedForHeartHealth ❤️ From April 1-30th, with every share on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #GetPumpedForHeartHealth, Gordmans will donate $1 to the American Heart Association. If you are interested in learning more about the campaign, you can visit their website HERE.

What does heart healthy look like to you? It could be something as simple as random acts of kindness, cooking healthy meals, or incorporating family time into your day.


Part of my job as a blogger is to empower other women to feel comfortable in their own skin and clothing. Fashion is obviously a big part of my life and it really is true that you are what you wear! I was able to find so many styles and sizes throughout Gordmans to fit every size and style, including men & children. Don't forget your fur babies either ☺️

Rowan was so happy to pick out her “workout” outfit (pictured below). Heart healthy behaviors start at any age. Get your kids involved and watch them influence their peers as well. It is always a challenge in our home to see how much weight she can lift and how many times and I bet if she had a younger sibling we would have some friendly competitions! Haha If you notice she starts at 2 lbs. ☺️ Get your family moving together!


Rowan’s outfit and workout gear is provided by Gordmans. You can shop in stores near you and donate directly to the AHA as well!


Did you know that a balanced eating regimen with foods from all five food groups is key to preventing disease? My nursing background helps me to understand how to keep my family healthy by cooking meals at home, plus with a child it is just plain easier. When you are in charge of the ingredients, you tend to put more thought into what you are feeding your families. I challenge you to cook one more meal a week at home. Set a goal for yourself!


Being heart healthy doesn’t have to be just consuming healthy foods. I have started off this 2019 year by reading a daily devotional with my morning coffee. It allows me to meditate and relax my mind, freeing it from the anxiety of every day life. Do you take time for yourself throughout the day? If so, what do you do?

So many of you and your loved ones have been affected by heart disease, and I am hopeful that by continuing to bring awareness to to it, we can start to change lives and perspectives on how to live a heart healthy life!

Post a photo TODAY on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #GetPumpedForHeartHealth and tag me in it @ladyandredstyle so I can see it and share it!

Happy Good Friday Friends!


THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY SPECIALTY RETAILERS, INC. All thoughts and images are my own.

March Round Up- Top 10 Best Sellers

Amazon is dominating this month! But then again who doesn't love a good deal, a good dupe, or fast shipping? So if you are loving something you see below, add it to the cart and keep on scrolling down the list so you only have to click check out once 😬

With this month’s post I have decide to put a side by side photo of the product styled, hoping it helps you see it on or what it is supposed to look like!

Let me know what you love or already have!!


2 months in a row this is the top seller! Probably due to the fact that is only $11. It also comes in other colors too and you can find it HERE! It is easy to style as you can throw on a cardi for night time or any type of shoe to change the look!


My most favorite bag but it is sold out in stores and sooo hard to get your hands on! But here is a dupe to love! I have actually seen this and it is good! You can shop this purse HERE. It is way bigger than it looks and plenty of room for a wallet, phone and kid crap, because if you are around kids, they tend to pawn off their crap 😂


My favorite watch band! If it only it came in snakeskin print too! I have told you all so many times in my stories that is only $11 and it is wipeable so you can wear it to workout in too! Shop the watch HERE


THE sandal for the Summer! Classic, comes in so many colors, comfortable & affordable! Shop the sandals HERE and they run TTS!


This belt 😍 Not much more to say about it but it looks and feels just like the real thing! Shop the belt HERE!


Universally flattering coverup! And this happens to be my favorite color but it is available in more than 15 colors! It has been on a few vacations already and through the wash cycle and still looks brand new! Shop my coverup HERE ❤️


Gucci gang! Our travel t’s were high up on the best selling list! I am wearing an adult small and Rowan is wearing a 6. Shop the t-shirt HERE


This is the comfiest vacay outfit ever! It is sold separately but it is so good at 40% off I am glad you all took advantage of the sale too! I am wearing a small in the top and XS in the pants. Shop the TOP HERE and the PANTS HERE. And they can each be worn without the other and still make another adorable outfit option or a beach coverup!


$30 wedges are hard to beat! These come in 4 colors and run TTS! I have the gray but I don’t have a photo in them yet because I live in Iowa and our weather can’t cooperate 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some sizes and colors are sold out but you can shop my shoes HERE.


Dress? Coverup? How about both 😍 It is lower on the sides so you would need to pair it with a bralette or wear it for date night but I bet your date won’t focus much on anything else but you 😂 And so then everyone should buy this for their first dates! Hahaha! It runs TTS and I am wearing a small! It also comes in white too! Shop my dress HERE!

If you see something else I am wearing that you love, be sure to follow me in the FREE App for all of my looks and of course over on Instagram @ladyandredstyle where I post everyday!!


You guys are freaks! I posted these the other day and they made the list!! Haha Yes those are boob tassels 😂 Y’all need to let me know where you are wearing these things to and as a labor and delivery nurse I am very thankful to not be working in 9 months….I will warn my nurse friends! You can shop these HERE. And of course I had to throw in one little April fools joke ☺️

Happy Monday friends and Cheers!! XOXO

Vacation Hair Essentials

It has taken years for me to master the humidity…and I still can’t tame the beast! 😂 But I have it under somewhat control and I am here to help my fellow ladies out! I swear the moment I walk off of the plane my hair sucks up the air like a Hoover vacuum. I have very thin but a lot of very thin hair if that makes sense. I got it from my mama and I gave it to my daughter, so if you saw us poolside we all had our hair on top of our heads and frizz out the side.

I still try and stick to my 1 hair washing day every 4-5 days but obviously if I get it completely wet, I have to shower. But to be honest, if just the tips get wet or the underneath, I just let it air dry or dry it with the blow dryer 🤷🏼‍♀️ Salt water makes the curls stay better and so does dirty hair. A lot of you have asked how I curl my hair and I have a tutorial that you can watch HERE.

I found my curling iron for $70 when it is normally $130!! It is linked below in the images!


I found this Living proof de-frizzing spray and I love it, plus it makes dirty hair smell clean 😂 I spray it on after my shower before I curl or straighten my hair.

I also think the key to keeping your hair good for days on end is a shower cap! I used the hotel one but I have my own at home…trust me it is sexy! Haha

The glove is for my wand, because I am clumsy and hate burning my fingers! It usually comes with the curling wand.

After I shower, I run the oil through my freshly clean hair, then blow dry. If you have dry hair, you can apply it to your hair before curling too, but only use a tiny bit.

I started taking this purple shampoo because it keeps the color of my hair in check. I actually buy the big bottles and refill these travel size ones. (Note to self: do not pack in my LV case) 🤦🏼‍♀️ It spilled and stained it. I tried almost everything to remove it. Oh well.

This dry shampoo is life. The smell, the texture, and the ability to chose light or dark tones! I use light tones because it keeps my dark hair looking fresh and not greasy.

The Wet brush is my favorite! I own almost every kind they offer. They are cheap and best for kids too.

I keep my hair up off my neck at the gym and at the pool with a cheap ol’ hair tie.

I also find that when I curl my hair, I can make a wash last longer because it is more forgiving than straight hair getting creases and kinks. Plus it is easier to hid dirty hair in curls!

I have linked everything for you below! Just click on the image and to shop!


You can shop all of my vacation looks by following me in the App (it’s FREE) or by following my on Instagram @ladyandredstyle 😊 This was a top selling piece of vacation followed by the yellow dress turned coverup!