Shop the Sephora SALE!

The best time to stock up on your favorites or to try something NEW! The Sephora VIB sale never disappoints! The only YouTube videos I could watch for hours are makeup tutorials and honestly, I get asked a lot to do one but I really have no freaking idea what I am actually doing!

 I have linked my favorite products that I use everyday with this post with captions and the colors I love!

I am also looking forward to trying out some new products to share with you guys soon! 

Sephora VIB Sale

I have the little VIB silver card in my wallet and I am hoarding thousands 😬 but I have no idea what I am saving them for either! I have compiled a few of the best sellers from last year, this year, and NEW best sellers. 15% off their entire site which means it's time to stock up on your favorites and maybe try something new! The shopping event starts NOW for the Sephora VIP+ Beauty Insiders and the sale runs through April 23.

I bought a few items to try before I go telling you all how amazing it is, because I really want to be your go-to gal! I know you won't always love everything I suggest and that is totally fine, because people have different skin types, tones and complaints. So I have broken the shopping down for you and what products are my go-to and my newest obsessions!

Top Sellers Year after Year:

Products that I swear by and/or use daily:

Below are products that I have picked up and just started using and I am obsessed!

Lastly, these are products on my list to try once the sale starts! Some items are repeated from the other lists but if they are best sellers year after year, I gotta see what the hype is!

Best New (to me) Beauty Products!

Snow day or shopping day? You choose! Haha. I am not very good at sitting still so we may venture out later if and when the roads clear up a bit....maybe just to get a coffee or a treat! 

Most of you wanted to see my newest beauty obsessions from my Instagram stories, so here they are! This is what I am using right now on my face! I also love the contour slide from Maskara Beauty in the color Olive, and the eyeshadows: Sabrina and Penny. ( I can't link them but have a gal off you need one).

I also picked up some great lipstick organizers and clear lids for my MAC changer! If you have something that I need to try, let me know!! XOXO

Fill the Cart Friday-MAC

Happy Friday! Whew! I have had a busy week and today I am going to slow down and get a much needed massage. I get a lot of questions about my lip colors and since when I link them on Instagram @ladyandredstyle they are not color specific, which is annoying, so I will lay them all out here! I do own a TON of MAC lipstick but they are not the only lip colors I love and use. So here are my top products I use from just MAC! Happy Shopping!



EYELINER- I use the color Graph Black. Always been a black eyeliner gal and this one stays put and is easy to put on.


RED LIPSTICK- The color is Viva Glam I. It is my favorite red lipstick and for me it compliments my skin tone and makes my teeth look whiter, which is a total bonus.


MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL- In the color Give Me Sun! I first apply my foundation, then I apply this with an angled brush under my cheek bones (from the corner of my mouth to the top of where my ear is). This creates more of a cheekbone!


STUDIO FIX- My color is C3. I put this on after all of my makeup is on as a light powder, and not everyday either, just when I am going out somewhere fancy! Haha It tends to give me more of a flawless finish.


LUSTRE- Two of my everyday favorites are in this category! 1.) Midimauve (favorite everyday color) 2.) Patisserie 

SATIN- In the colors: 1.) Media. 2.) Rebel 3.) Twig 4.) Captive

MATTE- In the colors: 1.) Mehr 2.) Men Love Mystery 3.) Velvet Teddy (new fav)

FROST-  In the colors: 1.) Angel 2.) Odyssey (favorite plum color)

CREAM SHEEN- In the color: 1.) Speak Louder

So, how you can shop these lip colors is by clicking the BLUE links and then just find that color!



Let's move on to the liners! To be honest, I did not start using them until this year when the guy at MAC insisted that I buy one, and boy am I glad he did, It really does make a huge difference! Even just using a liner with a gloss makes a huge difference.

LIP PENCIL- In the colors: 1.) Hover, goes awesome with Velvet Teddy lip color. 2.) Soar 3.) Boldly Bare (goes with everything)



EYE PALETTE- Okay, you can say it. I am so basic but I love this eye palette! 

So there you have it! All of my favorite MAC products. If you have products you love, please share them with me because that is how I find new colors and products to share with everyone too! Even if you are a no makeup kinda gal, lipcolor can do BIG things for you! XO Cheers friends!