Make-up Must Haves

Sooooo I am NOT a beauty blogger nor and I a professional makeup artist so please please understand when I tell you I have no rhyme or reason for picking these products, I just use them and love them! These are my go to's and if I am traveling, these come with me. I am one of those girls who will stray away from my favorites and try new things that people love and recommend but 99% of the time I revert back to my favorites.

Just like the beauty blender....I paid the crazy $20 for it because everyone loves it and like it okay, but I LOVE my $2 throw away sponges from the drug store so much better. Bye Bye $20. 

I also try to match my eyeshadow to the color palate that I am wearing. I have linked the warm browns that I love and the greys (Clinique Everyday Greys) I use too. Again, I don't know if that is what you are supposed to do, but I guess that is the beauty of makeup.

Since I get asked a lot what type of mascara I use, I linked it for you! So I use Latisse to get them the length that they are, because if I tried to apply fake ones I would look like a peacock. For real. I first apply the eyeliner, then the Bag gal lash mascara first and sometimes 2 coats of it. Then I save the Yes they are Real mascara for the end since it adds drama πŸ˜‰ The only kind of drama I like! Haha.

I start with the concealer around my eyes, because let's be honest, I am a Mom. Then I put the foundation on. Next I use the Laura Geller highlighter & bronzer under my cheek bones. You know, make the kissy face and rub it where there is a slight indentation. If you don't have one, make one!! Then I apply my blush to my cheeks and then the Becca highlighter to the temple area. Then I apply my lips as my daughter calls it and we are out the door!

So if I did this correctly, and bare with me, because I am a total newby at this, just click the photo of the products you are interested in and it will take you to the spot to purchase it! Super easy and the best way to shop! You can also share them with the social media icons when you hover the photo if you think you know someone who may love one of these products! Also if you haven't signed up for so you can shop all of my Instagram looks @ladyandredstyle daily, do that HERE!

I would love to hear what you guys are interested in and YES I am working on a hair tutorial for you that have asked! Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!