April Top Selling Items

Sayonara April….hello May! I love May because it’s my Birthday month! But before we jump to May, let’s round-up the top sellers for April! If you are new to these posts, I take my top selling items from April from the Liketoknow.it App, Instagram, and the blog. I list them here for you to scoop up if they are still available, and if they aren’t, I will link a look alike for you!

I am so ready for warmer weather and sunny skies! who’s with me?

Happy Shopping!


Thank you J.Crew for bringing back the best tank and obviously y’all loved it too because it was the TOP selling item! It comes in 10 colors and yes you can wear a regular bra! Shop this tank HERE


Dress or coverup? You decide. I choose both! I love the yellow color for Summer and this flowy number is adorable paired with a bralette too! Shop this look under $60 HERE


THE best sandal and THE only one you will need! I have it in black and nude! It is under $90 and literally go with everything. Shop the sandal HERE


I may have more watch bands now than shoes 😬 but hey they are an easy way to spruce up those ugly Apple watch faces! I love this taupe color double wrap band, but it also comes in 20 other colors too! Shop the $17 watch band HERE


$14 statement pants. Take the leap people, you won’t regret it! If you want to “tone them down” then pair it with a black or camel color top, or even ivory! The style possibilities are endless! Shop these pants HERE ( I am wearing a size 4)


I just posted this photo less than a week ago and y’all went bananas for this belt! A good dupe never hurt anyone 😉 This comes in other colors too! I love the white! Shop this under $20 belt HERE!


Twist back sweater! This comes in 8 colors, Prime shipping, and only $22! Order your’s HERE! (Obviously I need to work on ze booty 😂)


$11 silicone band is hard to beat! It is wipeable and fits small and large wrists perfectly. It comes in other patterns/prints including a cute dog paws one for you fur mamas! Shop the band HERE!


This purple 😍 Sweatshirt runs TTS, I am wearing a small, and it is $22! Limited sizes are left! Shop it HERE before it sells out!


Only the best $49 jacket ever! I think the pink is sold out now but the black is classic and runs TTS! I am wearing a small. It also has thumb holes if ya love that sorta thing! Shop the jacket HERE!

Cheers friends to an amazing May!! Stay tuned for me exciting things to come! XOXO

Hair Extensions

I mean who doesn't want long hair at some point in their life without growing it out for a thousand years?? 🙋🏼 I have heard your requests and questions and I thought it would be so much easier to post about my new hair extensions, my experience with them, and some tips! If you don't follow @amberfillerup on Instagram, do that first! She is adorable, inspiring and well, the owner of the extensions company, Barefoot Blonde Hair! This is how I found them! I was also searching for something easy to clip in and more affordable than professional extensions (which I have done before and cost me well over $800 😳 and I didn't even like them). I have incredibly thick hair and so 1 set of them is usually not enough and then they have a horrible time blending with my natural hair. It looks like I have an extended mullet...for real. ** Please know that I get nothing for sharing this with you all, it is not sponsored and she did not give me any discounts to share or wear** I mentioned them on my Instagram story asking my friends and followers if they had any experience with these type of extensions, and most of them said no, requesting me to try it so I could tell them! I am happy to be the guinea pig! Haha but by tagging @barefootblondehair in my story, they saw it, and replied to me immediately answering any and all of my questions right then and there! Great customer service gets me every time....so I ordered 😊

Step one is color matching. Order the 5 samples HERE , trust me it is crucial to matching with your hair. The color that matches my hair the best is Melt My Heart. Once you receive your samples, MATCH the color of the hair to the ends of your hair, since that is what will be showing!! After you match the color to your hair in natural light and indoor light, head over to the main page to ORDER.


When your hair arrives, which is really quite fast, they will send another sample for you to match one last time before opening the package of hair. Do this first because if you don't love it for some reason, you can return it or exchange the extensions. Mine were perfect! 

My advice is to watch her video before you go trying to do it yourself so you do not get frustrated and then regret ordering. I watched this VIDEO and it was the most helpful for me! (Scroll down to bottom for video). She is right, making a braid under your hair seems so silly but it really helps blend the bottom pieces better. Remember, I have super thick hair and 1 set was enough for me! 

I started by freshly washing my hair so I could curl my hair into the extensions. It turned out OK but not great. My friend tells me that I have unicorn hair because it seriously stays curled forever and curls so easy! The extension hair on the other hand curls great...but not like my natural hair. So then I just blended it in by using the curling wand on the extensions only. You take these extensions in and out every night, but do not worry, they are super easy! Literally just a few small clips on each piece of hair. 


2nd day hair was easier for me to manage as my hair is always better the 2nd or 3rd day! Plus the more you play with what pieces look best in your hair and the placement of them, it helps too! I am still, learning so please remember it takes time and patience because my hair is shorter than the extensions! If you are still having trouble blending them, contact your local stylist and have some of the extension pieces cut to add a more layered look to your hair!

3rd day hair was my best! I straightened it and it was so much more fine, that it blended the best! Remember the small braid at the neck of your hair is seriously so helpful! (refer to video above). If you already have longer hair, I don't think that would be necessary. After I straightened it, I then just curled the last 2 inches to 1 inch of my hair mixed in with the extension and that helped with the blending as well! I hope that makes sense? So curl your entire extension, but add in 1-2 inches of your hair into the curl so the look blended.


Also Amber has a ton of videos on her page or just Google it and several pop up! Endless possibilities from just mixing the hair in for a braid or a thicker high pony, which is adorable too! Make sure you follow the instructions on the care if you wish to keep them for awhile! I already use the Wet Brush so I did not have to but any new tools.

I do not feel that they will damage my real hair but I have only had them for a few days. I guess as long as I brush and care for them as they say in the instructions! I have not lost any hair taking them in or out!

I really hope this answers some of your questions and you can always comment below if you have any other ones! XOXO

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Fill the Cart Friday- Old Navy

Wow! Doing weekly posts like this make my week seem to fly by so fast! It could be too that it was a short week anyways with Labor Day?? This week I am focusing on Old Navy because I love that you can get the trends at a low cost, and plus they have so many coupons it's hard to resist not filling up the cart!

Let's get shopping!


SWEATER (Comes in 4 colors)

 BOOTIES -Similar pair



DRESS (several colors and patterns)


Other items you may love:

FELT HAT (Floppy)

FELT HAT (Fedora)





If you have any questions or want help styling or picking out an outfit, please don't hesitate to ask me!! XO Happy Friday Friends!


Photo Shoot with Lady and Red

Photo Shoot with Lady and Red

I often forget how important it is to me to have photos like these and my purpose for this shoot was only to update my main blog photo.  If you remember it was a computer screen selfie of Rowan and I when she was a smiling baby and behaved like an angel. 👼 Haha! I mean the stress of a photo shoot is overwhelming in itself, right? The clothes, planning, matching, backgrounds, behaviors and of course if it is a good or bad hair day. I know you can relate! But after seeing these photos, my heart skipped a beat, and a lot of emotions surfaced because I actually had to see how big my little girl is getting and how grown up she looks. 

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