Puerto Vallarta and Baby

Back from our first vacation with a baby, I wouldn't call it vacation but more like a trip. Don't get me wrong it was more than nice to escape the brutal winter we have had and soak up some rays Mexican style, but it just isn't the same with a baby. Not bad but different, and my angel made it really easy to want to take her on another trip.The packing was successful, carry on only for the baby and I :) I hate to say it but I told you I could and would do it. Here is a prime example of why I choose to pack light. This is the carry on line at Puerto Vallarta airport

20140402-144539.jpg Now this is the check baggage line. I am sure they did not appreciate me passing them all up and then taking their picture. Sucks to be them!

20140402-144738.jpg I really dreaded the looks of other passengers as I boarded with a baby. Other than a few eye rolls, we were good. She seriously slept every flight for the duration of the flight, I may be bragging a bit but hey, it may never happen ever again! My goal was to keep her awake during layovers, starve her(not really), then feed her on the plane so she would crash. It worked. We stayed at RIU Palace Puerto Vallarta, all inclusive because it is familiar and we didn't have to do a darn thing....except care for a baby. Easy right? Parent of the year award goes to me again.

20140403-094940.jpg The staff loved her and carried her around all of the time. Her favorite was Lidia, what a gem. We would sit down for dinner and they would swarm over and whisk her away....ahhhhh. We ate the buffet every night instead of making dinner reservations at the restaurants on site, but avoiding the fight with bed time is so worth it.

20140403-095115.jpg Her naps were taken poolside except for her long nap, then we all went inside for a siesta, this is vacation afterall. Between her naps and daddy walking her all over the resort (probably because she is a total chick magnet) mama bear got to lay out in the sun....ALONE.

20140403-095432.jpg Our vacation was filled with a lot of firsts. First time out of the country (yes she has a passport), first time with her feet in the grass, ocean, sand, and the pool, and first plane ride. So many great memories that she will never remember except through photos, and trust me I took plenty.



20140403-100240.jpg Would I do anything different for the next trip with our baby? Yep. I would bring a stroller. I may be strong and she may be cute but good lord, we thought about buying one there. Would've been great for sitting up around the pool, great in the airport ( I used my Baby K'tan, but sucked taking it off through security), great for a seat at dinner since the highchairs are for babies who can already sit up. Now I wouldn't bring a double wide, extra long, every part of a stroller but just a compact light weight stroller! Other than that major need, we survived. Until next time :)