Vacation with my Mini


Whew! These past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I can't even believe I have the time to sit here and write this! But this crummy weather, my hot tea and couch were calling my name. If you follow my blog, you will know I ONLY pack in a carry on suitcase 1.) because I am a control freak and scared to loose it and 2.) I am impatient and don't like to wait to pick up luggage, but this last trip to Cabo with my family, I caved and checked a bag. Seriously the best decision ever. And I will NEVER again choose to fly out at 5:30am ever again....getting up at 3 am is not for anyone! I was traveling alone (first time internationally) with my 2.5 year old daughter and it is too hard to pack for her in 1 suitcase let alone a carry on! Diapers, life jacket, clothes and shoes. And there was NO way I could've made it through the airports with my child, suitcase and buggy all intact without checking a bag. So I sucked it up and checked it, but next time, if I stay at a house like we did this time, I will wait and buy diapers at the Mega Mart and save myself some packing space :) The best part was that my daughter was an absolute gem the entire trip! She had a few 2 year old moments but seriously the trip was so nice and it helped by having a cooperative child....every Mother understands this! 

We flew first class our entire trip thanks to my little blue card (not pill) from my fun job as a Stella & Dot stylist! Why not right?? I sell it for fun, I will use my income for fun! Now I am not sure I ever want to travel coach again :) But if you think you get stares when you fly coach with a child, you should see the looks and comments you get flying first class with one! The eye rolls and the sighs! Haha but I loved the cover up comments when she was a complete angel and actually quieter than the snoring man 2 rows back. One lady said, "oh thank God for iPads" No honey, thankfully I have been fortunate enough to travel with her since she was 4 months old and she is used to it and loves it. But yes, thank God for iPads too :)  Have a toddler and traveling soon? I would like to pat myself on the back for packing an amazing backpack for a child! 

1.) Window cling ons. I may have to give some credit to my daughter for wanting these at Target and the idea then coming to me. Best.Idea.Ever. No mess, cheap, and reuse able! 

   2.) Water Wow books! Fill a plastic paint brush up with water and paint pictures and then re-paint once they are dry!  Lots of different ones to choose from too! You can find them at Target, department stores like Younkers and of course the airport if you want to pay double!

   3.) And this shoelace and block thing from Target dollar spot! Is there anything you can not get in that money pit they call the dollar spot? UGH! Kept her attention for ever! Keep on taking my money Target.

My family picked us up from the Airport and drove us to our home away from home! Our first time using a home booking site since we usually plug in a place to go on Expedia like an all inclusive! It was actually really nice! Gated community, large pool, private (rocky) beach, and close location to downtown. It was in Cabo Bello and our home was called Casa De Esperanza or House of Hope. You can learn more about their mission at as all donations for the house and car (after costs are covered) go directly to various areas of need in Los Cabos. The house has 3 bedroom and each room has their own bathroom. Staying somewhere and doing good all at the same time is a win win for me!

     Since my husband and I have been to Cabo 2-3 times before, I was more relaxed knowing a little about the location. We tried to eat at all of the "it" spots for my family to see and experience and hit up all of the little trinket shops for crap we all didn't need, but what is the fun if you don't come home with maracas? Haha Oh and a drum, a bracelet and a "drug rug" or poncho as I call it! Never heard it called that before! But my little lady looks awfully cute in it!

Eat here: 

1.) Cabo Wabo

2. The Office

3.) Captain Tony's 

We did not party here: (Although there were a few babies in the bars)

1.) Cabo Wabo

2.) Squid Row

3.) Jungle Bar

Walking the marina is always fun! Lots of shops, restaurants, Starbucks & entertainment. I know I am not young anymore, but I will still never understand the need to walk the streets with only a swim suit on. Does that make me old? Either way, we saw a lot of booty and drunk people :)  Always very entertaining.

  You must do the touristy thing and go to the Arch. Rent a glass bottom boat, and take a little ride to Lover's Beach, Pelican Rock, the Arch, stinky seal rock (seriously smells so bad) and lastly Divorce Beach, but swimming is not recommended here. Surprised? Me either 😊 

      She was not too sure about the boat ride! Haha 

Biggest funny of the vacation. Yes it involves my daughter. So I was showering with her when a little wall lizard came out from the drain and ran out of the shower onto the baseboard. Of course my bug loving daughter thought she needed to catch it. I laughed and let her out to catch it thinking that they are so stinking fast, there will be NO way she will catch it. Low and behold, she walked over to it, reached down and picked the darn thing up no problem. UGH!! So out of the shower I go to get a cup (with no lid) to keep it in. Brilliant I know. Well she played and played with that lizard until he no longer had a tail, then it was time to let me die in peace. RIP lizard. Only my child.         


Of course I did a little "work" on my vacation! Yes, selfies are my job, and just wearing it out and about people see the goods and want to know where they can get it!  Showing off Stella & Dot's accessories and their versatility is part of the work, but also a selfie shows how simple it is to look "put together" for any occasion. I think if people really understood how easy & fun this job is, more would do it! They just hear "selling" something and say no way. But having a stylist on my team paying off student loans and saving for a trip to Disney is more motivation to help others earn extra money too! Oh and if you didn't already know, this vacation is a big ol' tax write off, just ask me how!! 

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A huge thank you to my family for setting up this very fun vacation and for making memories that will last a lifetime! I already miss you all and look forward to the next time we get to see you!


Much love Cabo! Until next time :) ✌️    XO

Lady and Red 


Travel Northwoods Wisconsin

This trip has been a family tradition on my husbands side for years! Everyone rents cabins along the lake and the cousins run wild and enjoy a week of freedom and nature at its finest. This year we brought along the baby of course and not sure I feel as if I just went on vacation. Although this is the type of vacation where you pack your entire house and drive it 8 hours. Seriously, salt & pepper, foil, and kleenex are a few musts. Yes you can buy it there and maybe that will be my plan for next year....or just rough it. HahaNot going to lie, my favorite thing about road trips is getting fast food. McDonald's is my stop of choice :) Soooo bad but soooo good!

20140630-110742-40062683.jpg We stay at White Birch Village in the Woodside Cabin along with my husbands brother and family. Looking out our family room window is this view, horrible right?

20140616-144159-52919689.jpg Breakfast is served at Grandma's house and the menu....eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast all cooked in bacon grease of course! Hey it's vacation. Everyone goes in their own directions until about dinner time, then we all meet up for another home cooked, healthy meal :) Some choose to kayak, paddle boat, swim, play at the beach, play a little basketball, hot tub, explore, play some golf, and head to town and shop. With plenty to do, the word bored is never heard or said. Baby girl got some beach time in.....

20140616-144757-53277973.jpg And some sleep in the hammock. Seriously she must have been tired to sleep like this for almost 3 hours! Yes I blew in her face to make sure she was breathing...

20140616-145206-53526560.jpg One of my favorite things to do up North is puzzles. I scan the stores for the most awful looking challenge of a puzzle so it lasts for a few days. With built in babysitters I actually get to sit for a few minutes without chasing a baby. Some of you may not know I have an obsessive quality about me, once I start a puzzle the building has to be on fire before I will quit working on it :) I just like to refer to it as "focus."

20140630-111042-40242024.jpg Every year, Thursday is our day to cook dinner at the cabin but our new tradition is everyone goes out to Sayner Pub for the best bloody marys and of course PIZZA! That's the best of both cooking and no clean up!

20140630-111453-40493020.jpg My favorite thing this year was finding this awesome trail in Boulder Junction. Since I signed up for my first marathon (crazy I know) running up North is not only beautiful, but you can breathe! No humidity. Although I was constantly looking for bears :) I am that crazy person who works out on vacation but running through such beauty hardly seems like "work."

20140630-111752-40672332.jpg Boulder Junction is about 10 minutes away from the village we stay at. Perfect little town for some local shopping and coffee. With shops named Coontail, Blueberry Hill, and Northern Latte, you know you're going to find something for everyone.

20140630-112225-40945133.jpg So until next year, we will count down the days until our family reunites for another week of fun! Thank you White Birch Village for the endless memories.

Puerto Vallarta and Baby

Back from our first vacation with a baby, I wouldn't call it vacation but more like a trip. Don't get me wrong it was more than nice to escape the brutal winter we have had and soak up some rays Mexican style, but it just isn't the same with a baby. Not bad but different, and my angel made it really easy to want to take her on another trip.The packing was successful, carry on only for the baby and I :) I hate to say it but I told you I could and would do it. Here is a prime example of why I choose to pack light. This is the carry on line at Puerto Vallarta airport

20140402-144539.jpg Now this is the check baggage line. I am sure they did not appreciate me passing them all up and then taking their picture. Sucks to be them!

20140402-144738.jpg I really dreaded the looks of other passengers as I boarded with a baby. Other than a few eye rolls, we were good. She seriously slept every flight for the duration of the flight, I may be bragging a bit but hey, it may never happen ever again! My goal was to keep her awake during layovers, starve her(not really), then feed her on the plane so she would crash. It worked. We stayed at RIU Palace Puerto Vallarta, all inclusive because it is familiar and we didn't have to do a darn thing....except care for a baby. Easy right? Parent of the year award goes to me again.

20140403-094940.jpg The staff loved her and carried her around all of the time. Her favorite was Lidia, what a gem. We would sit down for dinner and they would swarm over and whisk her away....ahhhhh. We ate the buffet every night instead of making dinner reservations at the restaurants on site, but avoiding the fight with bed time is so worth it.

20140403-095115.jpg Her naps were taken poolside except for her long nap, then we all went inside for a siesta, this is vacation afterall. Between her naps and daddy walking her all over the resort (probably because she is a total chick magnet) mama bear got to lay out in the sun....ALONE.

20140403-095432.jpg Our vacation was filled with a lot of firsts. First time out of the country (yes she has a passport), first time with her feet in the grass, ocean, sand, and the pool, and first plane ride. So many great memories that she will never remember except through photos, and trust me I took plenty.



20140403-100240.jpg Would I do anything different for the next trip with our baby? Yep. I would bring a stroller. I may be strong and she may be cute but good lord, we thought about buying one there. Would've been great for sitting up around the pool, great in the airport ( I used my Baby K'tan, but sucked taking it off through security), great for a seat at dinner since the highchairs are for babies who can already sit up. Now I wouldn't bring a double wide, extra long, every part of a stroller but just a compact light weight stroller! Other than that major need, we survived. Until next time :)