Travel Northwoods Wisconsin

This trip has been a family tradition on my husbands side for years! Everyone rents cabins along the lake and the cousins run wild and enjoy a week of freedom and nature at its finest. This year we brought along the baby of course and not sure I feel as if I just went on vacation. Although this is the type of vacation where you pack your entire house and drive it 8 hours. Seriously, salt & pepper, foil, and kleenex are a few musts. Yes you can buy it there and maybe that will be my plan for next year....or just rough it. HahaNot going to lie, my favorite thing about road trips is getting fast food. McDonald's is my stop of choice :) Soooo bad but soooo good!

20140630-110742-40062683.jpg We stay at White Birch Village in the Woodside Cabin along with my husbands brother and family. Looking out our family room window is this view, horrible right?

20140616-144159-52919689.jpg Breakfast is served at Grandma's house and the menu....eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast all cooked in bacon grease of course! Hey it's vacation. Everyone goes in their own directions until about dinner time, then we all meet up for another home cooked, healthy meal :) Some choose to kayak, paddle boat, swim, play at the beach, play a little basketball, hot tub, explore, play some golf, and head to town and shop. With plenty to do, the word bored is never heard or said. Baby girl got some beach time in.....

20140616-144757-53277973.jpg And some sleep in the hammock. Seriously she must have been tired to sleep like this for almost 3 hours! Yes I blew in her face to make sure she was breathing...

20140616-145206-53526560.jpg One of my favorite things to do up North is puzzles. I scan the stores for the most awful looking challenge of a puzzle so it lasts for a few days. With built in babysitters I actually get to sit for a few minutes without chasing a baby. Some of you may not know I have an obsessive quality about me, once I start a puzzle the building has to be on fire before I will quit working on it :) I just like to refer to it as "focus."

20140630-111042-40242024.jpg Every year, Thursday is our day to cook dinner at the cabin but our new tradition is everyone goes out to Sayner Pub for the best bloody marys and of course PIZZA! That's the best of both cooking and no clean up!

20140630-111453-40493020.jpg My favorite thing this year was finding this awesome trail in Boulder Junction. Since I signed up for my first marathon (crazy I know) running up North is not only beautiful, but you can breathe! No humidity. Although I was constantly looking for bears :) I am that crazy person who works out on vacation but running through such beauty hardly seems like "work."

20140630-111752-40672332.jpg Boulder Junction is about 10 minutes away from the village we stay at. Perfect little town for some local shopping and coffee. With shops named Coontail, Blueberry Hill, and Northern Latte, you know you're going to find something for everyone.

20140630-112225-40945133.jpg So until next year, we will count down the days until our family reunites for another week of fun! Thank you White Birch Village for the endless memories.