Carry On Everytime-A Must Read!

Believe it people. This princess only packs in a carry on for EVERY vacation, from 4 quick days in Mexico to 11 days train hopping in Italy! No lost luggage, no fees, and no waiting at baggage claim. I just walk right on by everyone scratching their head, hands on hips waiting, and trying to figure out which luggage belongs to them on the big conveyer belt. Yes, it can be a hassel trying to find that perfect spot above your seat for your luggage but if there is no more room they will check it for free. So with a rolling bag and a large shoulder bag to fit under my seat, we are ready to go! But packing for our upcoming trip was seriously a challenge and I was excited to tackle it. Pack for me and my baby in 1 lonely carry on and 1 shoulder bag. Don't ever challenge or doubt me, I will prove you wrong :) So this post is with baby things, whatever room she takes up, just think you have that much more space if you are traveling alone. I have a cheap bag from Khols and it seriously is the best, good pockets, expands, and it has been many places. I can't part with my dirty old bag...yet!1.) Pack clothes and shoes in the same color palate or neutrals. Try to pick outfits and shoes you can wear with just about every outfit. 2.) Pack sample size items and travel items such as perfume samples, toothpaste from the dentist, small deodorant and such. I take small shampoos, my toothbrush, and travel toothpaste and leave it there. (Of course remember if you carry on it can only be 3.0 ounces anyways.) Who wants to take your dirty toothbrush home and most of the time I use up my shampoo/conditioner. You can bring the bottles home because you have room and reuse them if you would like, but at .99, I buy new! 3.) Go light. Like makeup, jewelery, and hair accessories. Bring things you can mix and match. You do not need every color eyeshadow you own or every necklace, you should bring a color or piece that matches all outfits. 4.) Start with a good list. See previous Blog post for my Vacation Packing List. I love a list...for everything :) 5.) Condense. Majority of you probably have an iPad or some gadget, so use it wisely. Upload movies, games, newspapers, magazines, and books all on one source for more room in your carry on bag. If you don't want to buy books and magazines, borrow them from your local library using Simple. My make-up bag inside my luggage has all essentials that are not liquids. Duh. *see Vacation Packing List blog post

20140323-162835.jpg</a Most people find it hard to take only 1 ziplock bag full of their stuff but here I have a few tips for you. Here's mine (with baby): Neutrogena sunscreen (my fav), California Baby sunscreen, shampoo, condtioner, hairspray, 3 perfume samples, lotion ( The Body Shop has awesome travel size body butter in tons of scents), toothpaste, 2 sample size Johnson & Johnson shampoo/body wash combo, baby lotion, and baby Tylenol. * Pack this near the top of your luggage for easy access when going through security. Nobody wants to wait for you to dig it out while your underwear is flying out in the process.



20140323-102424.jpg Now let's talk your carry on bag/purse. This should fit under the seat in front of you. If I am not taking my baby, I throw my purse into the bag, but for this trip I am not taking an actual purse. I put things in this bag to keep me busy, full, clean, and organized. Kleenex, hand sanitizer, passports, wallet with id's, credit cards, money, sunglasses, hat (if I am taking one), snacks, iPad, camera, and slippers for when my feet get cold :). This trip I am adding a baby "bag" that I put in my blog post, My Baby Must Haves. Life saver, and it's cute. In this bag for my baby is: extra outfit, teether toy, book, sunnies, wipes, 4 diapers, rice cereal (I poured it into a milk storage bag, folded it over and put it inside a Gerber bowl with lid), spoon, bib, paci, comb, 2 formula packets, bottle, and a blankie. Note: I do not have my electronics in my bag yet in the photo because I use them daily...okay, hourly :)


20140323-104029.jpg Here is what I am packing for myself, 5 days to Mexico, all inclusive. We go to the Riu Palace often and so there is no need for us to venture out on excursions. 1.) White/Navy striped maxi dress

20140323-155635.jpg</a 2.) Tunic and white shorts. My tunic matches my baby's dress :)

20140323-155823.jpg</a 3.) White wrap top with skinny jean/capris or wear with khaki shorts from another outfit. 4.) Pink dress

20140323-160210.jpg 5.) Khaki shorts and t-shirt

20140323-160246.jpg 6.) My outfit for the plane is comfy linen pants, easy tank for nursing my baby and wear one of my cardigans.

20140323-160401.jpg Shoes I am taking are a flip flop, sandal, and a wedge. All the same color family. Each pair works with every outfit and I am taking 2 cardigans because I am a grandma in disguise, I get cold. Don't forget the essentials, bras and undies.

20140323-160548.jpg Now for my darling child. Yes, it was hard not to pack extra because every outfit looks cute on her! I used a Pinterest idea and packed her things in Ziploc bags, then I manually ( with my own mouth) sucked the excess air out of the bag to condense it down. Who needs those vacuum sealed bags anyways when I have the biggest mouth?? Haha Each number refers to each ZipLoc bag. 1.) 2 blankies, 3 pairs socks, 2 pj's, 3 bibs, and 1 onsie 2.) Rash gaurd (aka swimsuit), yellow dress with bloomers, hair bow, coverup, and foot sandals. 3.) Cream hat, cover up, rash gaurd, foot sandals, and pink dress with bloomers 4.) Flamingo shirt with ruffle bottoms, hair bow, pink hat, and rash gaurd 5.) Dress with bloomers, white hat, rash gaurd, cover up, blue hat, and hair bow. I am taking 2 re-usable swim diapers and 25 regular diapers with me as well. Who knew it was so hard to get baby sized disposable swim diapers?! Call me crazy but I am also taking a blow up pool canopy floatie.

20140323-161653.jpg So start with a list, colors you want to wear, and go from there. For example, in Italy, I took comfy walking shoes and 2 pairs of boots, brown and black boots. Wear one pair of boots on the plane to make more space in your carry on. I am also notorious for making a graph of the days I am there for mixing & matching outfits. Whatever works for you do it, but take the challenge and pack in a carry on, the airline will love you for it! HaHa Happy Travels! *After we go on our vacation I will make sure and report back with you on what worked and what didn't work when traveling with a baby. To be continued....