Vacation Packing List

If you don't know me, I make a list for everything, even for just 3 items at the grocery store. Now with having a baby, I swear I can't remember anything for the life of me....until I get home. Annoying. With vacation on my mind, I decided to share my go-to packing list for every vacation. Depending on the location, I add/remove a few items. I print this off of my computer, saved in my email for each vacation, and check it off as I go.*I make a pouch in my purse/bag with my meds, chapstick, mini nail file, band aids, hair tie/bobby pin, hand lotion, perfume sample, and feminine products. ( exclude perfume if flying)

Bathroom πŸ›πŸšΏ Shamp/conditioner RazorΒ  Face cream Lotion Chapstick Nail file Makeup Flat iron Curling iron Hair dryer Bobby pins-hair ties-headbands Toothbrush & paste Brush/comb Nail polish Perfume Contacts/glasses Sunscreen DeodorantΒ  Tampons Meds: Motrin, BC, Tums, band aids ClothingπŸ‘— Dresses Shorts Shirts Tanks/Tees Sandals/shoes Slippers Flip flops Bras-strapless & sports bra Running gear: shoes, tanks, shorts Underwear Pjs Jewelry-watch-necklace-earrings Socks Swim suits Coverups Hats Sunglasses Scarf Belt StuffπŸ‘œ Ipad Phone Chargers Books-magazines Passport Itenirary Money ID & Credit card Snacks Water bottle Mints/gum Beach towel Neck pillow Ipod & ear buds/headphones Camera-chargers Beach bag MIO for drinks Arrange dog sitter Have neighbor get mail Stop paper delivery Turn down heat/air Set light timers Movies on ipad Kindle & charger

Let me know if I am missing one of your "essentials"! Happy Travels.