Sale Shopping into Spring

Hey Friends! I was thinking all day yesterday on how to share my favorite sale items and I decided I would share things that will follow you into Spring! I know that it seems like a long ways away, but once the Christmas sales are over, the Spring collections start arriving.

If you look closely at the image below, you can see that I have basically linked an entire outfit for you! If you don't love the color of something in the image, remember it may come in other colors too! Just click the scrolling image below the photo to shop! **A few of the the items below are not on sale but I feel as if they are the things I use or wear most and totally worth the investment!

Untitled design.png

Outfit Roundup


IMG_8998 I may just toot my own horn one last time while it lasts :) The above photo is my Instagram photo of me pairing and wearing my new Stella & Dot goodies. Next thing I know I am getting text messages from friends and family telling me that it is being shared not only by Stella & Dot but by lots of people and companies....see this "job" is fun!! Just FYI, the current likes of this photo is 1,975 :) Toot toot! The above combo is the Plume Necklace which is 7 in 1 but clearly I have found more than just 7 different ways to wear it. I paired it with the White Stone Sutton necklace for a whole new look. My bracelets are a mixture as well of The Sawyer Stone and The Milana Tassel bracelet. AND that ring!! I can't quit wearing it...Pave Chevron Ring.

Below are a few images I have found of some great outfits paired with Stella & Dot accessories. Remember we are not just jewelry! Also follow me on Instagram @ashleyn2504 for more everyday photos and posts.

The Edgy Classics: Weddings, Brunch, Church, Showers, Work (depends on profession)

Date Night: Or great for vacation! When I see the clutch print I automatically think vacay!! Outdoor wine tasting or concert, heck, skip the clutch and grab tote and farmers market it is! Yes this princess would wear a dress there :)

Silver: ANYWHERE! This is awesome.

The Perfect Statement: Shopping day, movie, and maybe a Sunday fun day. This is for those ladies wanting to know what jewelry goes with JUST a t-shirt....SEE FIRST PHOTO :)) My perfect t-shirt comes from a favorite local store Blond Genius. Click the blue link or call them from the link to buy my same "Blond Genius" t-shirt!!

I hope this gives you some good ideas on how to pair and wear clothes already in your closet. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you always need new clothes for new trends, when in fact you can make your old clothes feel new & trendy by adding in updated accessories! Cheers!

Happy Shopping!