Photo Shoot with Lady and Red

Photo Shoot with Lady and Red

I often forget how important it is to me to have photos like these and my purpose for this shoot was only to update my main blog photo.  If you remember it was a computer screen selfie of Rowan and I when she was a smiling baby and behaved like an angel. πŸ‘Ό Haha! I mean the stress of a photo shoot is overwhelming in itself, right? The clothes, planning, matching, backgrounds, behaviors and of course if it is a good or bad hair day. I know you can relate! But after seeing these photos, my heart skipped a beat, and a lot of emotions surfaced because I actually had to see how big my little girl is getting and how grown up she looks. 

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Currently Wearing!

So this type of post is pretty new to me but should be fairly easy since I have no problem shopping ☺️ As you may know if you follow me on Instagram @ladyandredstyle, I post most days outfit inspiration and how to accessorize along with it! P.S. I also just changed my Instagram name to keep everything the same! Now everything correlates with my blog name, making it easier to find me ☺️ I started this venture when I signed up to be a stylist with Stella & Dot. Not only did I get free accessories and meet a ton of new and incredible women, I also found something that I loved and loved sharing with people from all over, including fellow stylists. I have always loved dressing up, but with a career as a Nurse before I had my daughter, scrubs was my work wear. A far cry from dressing up! Haha. Then in my next job, I was promoted to stay at home mom. I swear that term comes with the stigma that we wear leggings or pajamas all day everyday, and maybe some do and that is ok, but not this mama! So I have found my niche and I am always taking suggestions of what my followers and friends want to see, so let me know! I hope to team up with some local businesses and showcase my top picks from their stores! Stay tuned!! Here are a few of my latest IG outfits with links below them to shop the look! Also, don't forget to follow me over on Instagram for daily inspiration ❀️ @Ladyandredstyle


Hammered Hoop Earrings

Sperry Slip On Shoes (Gold)

Criss cross shirt- in Rose Dawn



Earrings- (I removed the green stud and added a pearl stud)

Frock & Frill Dress


Freya Fringe Necklace -7 in 1

Little Girls Plaid Hat

Toddler Chambray polka dot shoes (ON SALE)

Women's Chambray Shirt

Toddler Chambray Shirt


Sloane Purse- Leather Covet Collection

Victoria Pendant Necklace ( MY FAV)

Pink Satin Bomber


14K gold, Diamond Initial necklace

Gray Cozy Sweater/Sweatshirt

Vans Slip Ons

BP Faux Leather Leggings

Renegade Cluster Bracelet- Best Seller


Sorel Boots (similar)

Bow & Drape Sweatshirt

Mac Lipstick


Birthday Weekend

Oh I used to count down the days until my birthday arrived but the older you get you try to balance out the days leading up to the day with cocktails! At least I am still hanging on to my 20' a single tiny thread :) I am a girl who likes to celebrate the whole week leading up to my birthday, spoiled I know, blame my Mom. It's really a great excuse for whatever you want that week, try it but don't tell your sig.other I told you too ;)When I first met my hubby he couldn't remember if it was the 3rd or the he refers to it as May turd. Nice huh? Whatever works I guess and he has never forgotten the day. Also people assume he won me over with lavish gifts. Think again. He won my heart with a cheese grater, you heard me right! He knew I loved to cook and he is very uhhhh let's say eclectic. That has to be one of my favorite qualities about him, anyways never again has he bought me a household object for any gift, he knows better. That same grater sits right next to my sink this very day.

20140505-123205.jpg The best "non gift" thing I got was my lovely child sleeping in 5 hour incriments. Yeah yeah, poo on you people whose child already sleeps all night but my child must just love me more because she wants to see me more often. Kidding :) Oh and let's not forget the other one....SHE IS TAKING A BOTTLE!!!! I couldn't love this face more right about now.

20140505-123615.jpg Opening day of the downtown Des Moines farmers market was Saturday and what a perfect way to start my day. Awesome weather, sun a shining, and baby all strapped in her Baby K'Tan wrap. I will not add to the mess of dogs or a stroller, much too busy and my dog would be another dogs lunch. Breakfast was a Farm Boys burrito oh and a cinnamon roll from Java Joes for later. Hey it's MY birthday.

20140505-124316.jpg Some of my favorite actual gifts I received were jewelry from Stella and Dot (love), a new purse (thanks to my love), and Birkenstocks (oldschool kicks). I have been wearing these shoes all weekend! I forgot how comfy they are. Call them what you want: Jesus shoes, mom shoes, old, or ugly, these babies are all mine to wear :) Don't mind my big fat toes creeping in the photo!

20140505-124901.jpg Dinner/date night Saturday with the hubs was awesome! How do people live without family close by?? My Mom is a saint. I picked to eat at the new Eatery A in downtown Des Moines off of Ingersoll. Arrived at 6pm ( close to gray hair special time) and put our name in. A 40 minute wait, but sans baby, I would wait for hours. We stood at the bar and I ordered my first martini since baby, a Pompeii Rising. Perfection.

20140505-125430.jpg The atmosphere is airy, relaxed, and current, if that makes sense? Contemporary style with a mix of the old using barn boards to contrast. Great windows, lighting, and a patio to please all ages.

20140505-125603.jpg For dinner we ordered a few things to try of course and we were not disapointed at all! We started with chicken croquettes, the hummus plate with pickled veggies, and our waitress picked the Sambusak. Her pick was actually our favorite! Get your own order because the plate only has 2 and you may want more :) We agreed from all of the reviews we had to try the wood fired pizza. #5 was our pick, lamb gyro, feta, pickled onion and raita. Don't worry I googled almost everything I ordered, under the table of course :). This pizza was BOMB, yes I am yelling!

20140505-130238.jpg Dessert was on the house thanks to my loud mouth husband telling them it was my birthday...I picked the Salted Caramel Budino which was like a caramel pudding, heavenly.

20140505-130319.jpg After dinner I was rolled to the car. We will be back! Sunday was my relaxing day, just taking in all of the weekend while enjoying one last day with my family. Who am I kidding? My birthday is long over once it actually hits, that is why I tell you to celebrate the week before :) Sunday was laundry day...with my helper.

20140505-130616.jpg And a trip to Whole Foods for goodies to make baby food for the month. I tasted everything I made and why don't I remember my food tasting that good? I was tasting all of it! Kale, green beans, potatoes, and parmesan, what's not to love?

20140505-130851.jpg All in all it was a great week and Facebook has a way of making you feel like 100 people really care that it is your special day! Thanks to everyone for making my weekend awesome :) Until next year....