Vacation Hair Essentials

It has taken years for me to master the humidity…and I still can’t tame the beast! 😂 But I have it under somewhat control and I am here to help my fellow ladies out! I swear the moment I walk off of the plane my hair sucks up the air like a Hoover vacuum. I have very thin but a lot of very thin hair if that makes sense. I got it from my mama and I gave it to my daughter, so if you saw us poolside we all had our hair on top of our heads and frizz out the side.

I still try and stick to my 1 hair washing day every 4-5 days but obviously if I get it completely wet, I have to shower. But to be honest, if just the tips get wet or the underneath, I just let it air dry or dry it with the blow dryer 🤷🏼‍♀️ Salt water makes the curls stay better and so does dirty hair. A lot of you have asked how I curl my hair and I have a tutorial that you can watch HERE.

I found my curling iron for $70 when it is normally $130!! It is linked below in the images!


I found this Living proof de-frizzing spray and I love it, plus it makes dirty hair smell clean 😂 I spray it on after my shower before I curl or straighten my hair.

I also think the key to keeping your hair good for days on end is a shower cap! I used the hotel one but I have my own at home…trust me it is sexy! Haha

The glove is for my wand, because I am clumsy and hate burning my fingers! It usually comes with the curling wand.

After I shower, I run the oil through my freshly clean hair, then blow dry. If you have dry hair, you can apply it to your hair before curling too, but only use a tiny bit.

I started taking this purple shampoo because it keeps the color of my hair in check. I actually buy the big bottles and refill these travel size ones. (Note to self: do not pack in my LV case) 🤦🏼‍♀️ It spilled and stained it. I tried almost everything to remove it. Oh well.

This dry shampoo is life. The smell, the texture, and the ability to chose light or dark tones! I use light tones because it keeps my dark hair looking fresh and not greasy.

The Wet brush is my favorite! I own almost every kind they offer. They are cheap and best for kids too.

I keep my hair up off my neck at the gym and at the pool with a cheap ol’ hair tie.

I also find that when I curl my hair, I can make a wash last longer because it is more forgiving than straight hair getting creases and kinks. Plus it is easier to hid dirty hair in curls!

I have linked everything for you below! Just click on the image and to shop!


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