March Round Up- Top 10 Best Sellers

Amazon is dominating this month! But then again who doesn't love a good deal, a good dupe, or fast shipping? So if you are loving something you see below, add it to the cart and keep on scrolling down the list so you only have to click check out once 😬

With this month’s post I have decide to put a side by side photo of the product styled, hoping it helps you see it on or what it is supposed to look like!

Let me know what you love or already have!!


2 months in a row this is the top seller! Probably due to the fact that is only $11. It also comes in other colors too and you can find it HERE! It is easy to style as you can throw on a cardi for night time or any type of shoe to change the look!


My most favorite bag but it is sold out in stores and sooo hard to get your hands on! But here is a dupe to love! I have actually seen this and it is good! You can shop this purse HERE. It is way bigger than it looks and plenty of room for a wallet, phone and kid crap, because if you are around kids, they tend to pawn off their crap πŸ˜‚


My favorite watch band! If it only it came in snakeskin print too! I have told you all so many times in my stories that is only $11 and it is wipeable so you can wear it to workout in too! Shop the watch HERE


THE sandal for the Summer! Classic, comes in so many colors, comfortable & affordable! Shop the sandals HERE and they run TTS!


This belt 😍 Not much more to say about it but it looks and feels just like the real thing! Shop the belt HERE!


Universally flattering coverup! And this happens to be my favorite color but it is available in more than 15 colors! It has been on a few vacations already and through the wash cycle and still looks brand new! Shop my coverup HERE ❀️


Gucci gang! Our travel t’s were high up on the best selling list! I am wearing an adult small and Rowan is wearing a 6. Shop the t-shirt HERE


This is the comfiest vacay outfit ever! It is sold separately but it is so good at 40% off I am glad you all took advantage of the sale too! I am wearing a small in the top and XS in the pants. Shop the TOP HERE and the PANTS HERE. And they can each be worn without the other and still make another adorable outfit option or a beach coverup!


$30 wedges are hard to beat! These come in 4 colors and run TTS! I have the gray but I don’t have a photo in them yet because I live in Iowa and our weather can’t cooperate πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Some sizes and colors are sold out but you can shop my shoes HERE.


Dress? Coverup? How about both 😍 It is lower on the sides so you would need to pair it with a bralette or wear it for date night but I bet your date won’t focus much on anything else but you πŸ˜‚ And so then everyone should buy this for their first dates! Hahaha! It runs TTS and I am wearing a small! It also comes in white too! Shop my dress HERE!

If you see something else I am wearing that you love, be sure to follow me in the FREE App for all of my looks and of course over on Instagram @ladyandredstyle where I post everyday!!


You guys are freaks! I posted these the other day and they made the list!! Haha Yes those are boob tassels πŸ˜‚ Y’all need to let me know where you are wearing these things to and as a labor and delivery nurse I am very thankful to not be working in 9 months….I will warn my nurse friends! You can shop these HERE. And of course I had to throw in one little April fools joke ☺️

Happy Monday friends and Cheers!! XOXO

Designer or Dupe?

My best selling pieces are in this post! I found so many good pieces that look just like the designer piece and obviously for a fraction of the cost.

I have added in a few new styles but remember everything I have posted below I have not personally seen every single one. A few of them I have seen and ordered or I have friends that have ordered other pieces and sent me reviews! I love your feedback on products for this very reason!

To shop this post, hover on the photo for the price, or click on the image to be directed to the site to purchase. Happy snow day friends….AKA Sunday here in Iowa!

Designer Looks for Less- My Amazon Picks

Do I really need to give you another reason to love Amazon? I mean come on! I know we all secretly hide boxes in our closets or car trunks, then when our sig.other asks about our new item we act like we have had it forever πŸ˜‰ On the other hand, it is a little harder to hide a brand new Cartier bangle or a Birkin bag....unless it is a designer dupe. In that case, I have made it super easy for you to add some of your most coveted designer pieces to the diaper order you already have started on your Amazon account! See, I got you covered! What are friends for? Haha

I hope you enjoy some of my top picks that I have found and actually have ordered a few pieces to check out the quality of the items, and to be honest, I wouldn't be able to tell on some things the they are fake! It is really crazy. Happy Shopping!

**There are 3 things that the images would not tag, but there is still an item there and good ones! So just click the black images to see what they are. One is a Valentino studded bow flat sandal 😍


Fill the Cart Friday- Amazon Kid Picks!

October is the month my princess was born in and I have been shopping and shopping trying to find things that she will love and use, but every time a commercial comes on she wants that too! Anyone else struggle with what to buy their toddlers? I have loaded up on Amazon because I have Prime and who doesn't love Amazon? Yes, I have a daughter but I guarantee a boy would love some, most or all of these too! 



VTECH CAMERA- PINK  or if you have someone who wants it in BLUE. I have heard great things about this from other parents so we are going to give a shot to save my iPhone from photos of the dogs poo :( 


DIG IT UP DINO EGGS- These are the BEST! If you have a child like me who watches YouTube videos of people unwraping or opening things, or wanted a Hatchimal just to "hatch" it, then done with it, THIS IS YOUR TOY!! It comes with 12 eggs individually wrapped with each egg coming with a chisel. You soak them in water for 5 min or less and you chisel away the egg to discover a new Dino inside. You then get a booklet telling about the dinosaurs you uncover! Other options include:

DIG IT UP BIG BUGS I got this one for her since she is obsessed with bugs and we have already done the dinosaurs.




SCOOBY DOO MOVIE- My daughter loves Scooby movies and I am surprised that it doesn't give her nightmares but she loves to solve the mystery. 


CHORE CHART- I am not sure if this is more for me or her but either way, I think 4 is a great age to start chores and helping around the house! My daughter loves it right now so I will take full advantage because I remember hating my chores! 


LEOTARD- Sorry for the micro image but we ordered these leotards for gymnastics because I hate paying $40-$50 for them! The fit great and look great for only $9-$12!!


WATER WOW!- These are a total life saver! Fill the pen with water (reusable) and they "paint" the pages and image appears. Then it drys and they can re-paint it later! The best for the car, airplane or keep it in your purse for restaurants!

I hope some of these gift ideas help you when searching for your next gift, and as always, if you have any suggestions for my almost 4 year old, leave me a comment!! XO