These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Sun day, fun day here at our house. Our first official stroller walk with the dog in the books! Feels amazing to get out and breathe some fresh air. I can tell I have not done much cardio since I had my baby, I was sweating! Haha sexy I know. It was so nice to run errands and not have to put 50 layers on everyone before walking outside and I swear the sun makes everyone in a much better mood. My lipstick pink Hunter boots got to play around in some puddles today! I love these bright beauties. Great for all seasons. Favorite boots!


The baby decided this sunshine was the perfect time for a cat nap. I am guessing she liked it then? So precious. Favorite baby, duh :)


And Rio was really proud of herself after the walk too, yes she is normally all white. Favorite dog...somedays.


If you love peanut butter and need a snack, I have got your back! Take regular/plain greek yogurt, I love Chobani, and add 1 spoonful of peanut butter. Next add in small dollop of honey, mix well and enjoy! Tastes like peanut butter cookie dough! To die for! I love it with apples but eating it plain too is just as good. You could swap regular peanut butter for other varieties such as sun butter or almond butter, but I love me some full fat Jiffy! New favorite snack.


Because I am trying to drink more water (blah), I have been carrying around my steel Starbucks cup like it's another child. Best cup ever people. Keeps liquids hot or cold, fits in car cup holders, and doesn't sweat!! Now that's a miracle. I just bought a new steel colored one today. Favorite reusable cup!


This post was inspired by my trip to Costco today. They have so many of my favorites but this one takes the cake. If they quit stocking these, I may need an intervention. Dark chocolate pretzel crisps. Drool worthy. Tip: take your serving, which is 5 crisps, close the bag and walk away or you will never stop eating them. Favorite indulgence.