Need Energy? Bartending with the Premium Energy Beverage- Hackamore

One thing I need most in my days as a busy Mom is energy, and a lot of it! Then, once the child is in bed...a cocktail! Haha. I had the opportunity to try the Premium Energy Beverage, Hackamore and I was pleasantly surprised! Usually when the bottle says "Non-alcoholic, zero calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, gluten free and vegan" I cringe, but not in this instance. That is exactly what I want in an energy drink! I have tried the other energy drinks and supplements, believe me, but nothing was as smooth or as versatile as Hackamore! 

This gorgeous, tall, and clear glass bottle arrived at my doorstep with super fast shipping! There are a few papers included in the box, don't toss them because they are loaded with drink recipes to get you started! All you need is 1- 2oz shot of the clear goodness, and it is effective as a cup of coffee (80mg of caffeine). The drink has a natural lime flavor, making it easy to pair with several drink options. I am sharing the 3 ways that I use it most! Don't worry, it does not leave you with the jitters or with the energy crash later, so you can drink it throughout the day with no problem.

Where can you find it? Check out their website HERE . Or you can also find it HERE.

Several bars, restaurants, and supermarkets have it available as well. Just ask!


Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice or orange juice (store bought 100% juice is good too)

1 shot (2oz) of Hackamore

Serve in a champagne glass for fun! 


Part of my New Years Resolution was to drink more water...I am horrible at it! So I came up with this easy, no calorie option and I am hooked! Even my husband asked for his own glass of it. So easy and refreshing.

All Day Drink:

2-4 oz Hackamore

1-3 squirts of Crystal light or any other no calorie flavoring to your liking

Water & ice


It's 5 o'clock somewhere which means it's cocktail time! I used what I had on hand, which is the best, so if you don't have these exact products you can improvise.

Apple-Lime Tini

1 shot Hackamore

1 shot Tito's Vodka (any vodka is fine)

4oz Green Apple Italian Soda (from HyVee if you are local) or Green Apple Izze is great too!

Shake with ice & serve with a lime garnish


I am so excited for you all to try it and please let me know if you come up with other amazing recipes for me to try! Trust me, I am always looking for new ways to stay awake!


This is a sponsored post with Hackamore, The Premium Energy Beverage. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own as well as the recipes that I have created. Xo and Cheers Friends!