Fill the Cart Friday- Amazon Kid Picks!

October is the month my princess was born in and I have been shopping and shopping trying to find things that she will love and use, but every time a commercial comes on she wants that too! Anyone else struggle with what to buy their toddlers? I have loaded up on Amazon because I have Prime and who doesn't love Amazon? Yes, I have a daughter but I guarantee a boy would love some, most or all of these too! 



VTECH CAMERA- PINK  or if you have someone who wants it in BLUE. I have heard great things about this from other parents so we are going to give a shot to save my iPhone from photos of the dogs poo :( 


DIG IT UP DINO EGGS- These are the BEST! If you have a child like me who watches YouTube videos of people unwraping or opening things, or wanted a Hatchimal just to "hatch" it, then done with it, THIS IS YOUR TOY!! It comes with 12 eggs individually wrapped with each egg coming with a chisel. You soak them in water for 5 min or less and you chisel away the egg to discover a new Dino inside. You then get a booklet telling about the dinosaurs you uncover! Other options include:

DIG IT UP BIG BUGS I got this one for her since she is obsessed with bugs and we have already done the dinosaurs.




SCOOBY DOO MOVIE- My daughter loves Scooby movies and I am surprised that it doesn't give her nightmares but she loves to solve the mystery. 


CHORE CHART- I am not sure if this is more for me or her but either way, I think 4 is a great age to start chores and helping around the house! My daughter loves it right now so I will take full advantage because I remember hating my chores! 


LEOTARD- Sorry for the micro image but we ordered these leotards for gymnastics because I hate paying $40-$50 for them! The fit great and look great for only $9-$12!!


WATER WOW!- These are a total life saver! Fill the pen with water (reusable) and they "paint" the pages and image appears. Then it drys and they can re-paint it later! The best for the car, airplane or keep it in your purse for restaurants!

I hope some of these gift ideas help you when searching for your next gift, and as always, if you have any suggestions for my almost 4 year old, leave me a comment!! XO