Nordstrom Sale Fall Shopping

Now that Early Access is over and the HUGE Nordstrom Sale is open to everyone, I have included my top picks from all 3 or 4 😬 of my shipments into 1 post! Hello super easy shopping for you! A few things I have posted over on my Instagram @ladyandredstyle have sold out, but I will try to let everyone know when and if something you have been wanting comes back into stock! Which I am hoping a few of my favorites do come back because they are so so good!

If you are annoyed by all of the Nordstrom Sale posts, you shouldn't be! It is so amazing because they are NEW Fall arrivals at a discount and after the sale they go back to original price. Think back to school shopping too and if you are super organized, maybe do a little Christmas shopping too!

The great thing about Nordstrom is that you can shop from this post! Simply click on the image you want to see, it will take you right to it, add it to your cart and come right back here to scoop up more! Nordstrom will keep your things in the cart without removing them (unless you are too slow and things sell out) and then you get FREE shipping and super easy and FREE returns!

So what are you waiting for?? Get shopping!! XO