A Scent for Each Mood

A lot of people have been asking me what perfume I wear or what my signature scent is. Right now I am taking Fenugreek so my signature scent is syrup. Haha but seriously, I don't believe in having one scent that defines you, how boring. Plus, the more times you wear the same perfume you can't smell it on yourself and you end up drowning yourself in it so you can smell it. I love changing up scents based on my day or what I am doing, and I love to smell it on me, in moderation, throughout the day. My first favorite is Dolce & Gabbana- Rose the One. Who doesn't love the smell of roses? If diamonds had a scent I bet I would wear that too :) I wear this when I want a light, fresh smell that isn't overpowering. I wore this to work a lot.


Jimmy Choo-Eau de Parfum is for shopping days. Sweet with a touch of sexy, makes you feel as if you got out of bed looking and feeling awesome, even if you didn't.


Chanel-Chance. Who doesn't love Chanel? "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."- Coco Chanel. That is exactly this scent. Fresh, spring-y, and fabulous. I will break this out as soon as soon as the air warms up and I jump into those white pants.


Marc Jacobs-Honey is a new one I got for Christmas. This is just like the bottle looks, playful. Top note is pear, juicy mandarin with a base note of vanilla and smooth woods. I will be wearing this golfing this summer and at the pool. Yes I wear perfume to the pool, sunscreen & chlorine are not acceptable scents :)


Burberry-Brit is an everyday perfume. When in doubt, spritz it on. My other favorite Burberry scent is The Beat, but I am out of it right now and from the looks of it I have plenty of others to use before I go buying any more.


Calvin Klein-Euphoria. An oldie but a goodie! Men love this scent. This is a date night, going out night kind of scent! Seriously, trust me.


I carry a roller-ball of Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb in my purse because I am out of the bottle and I love it. The decription states it makes everything positive, and you can't go wrong with that! And the next perfume on my "to buy" list is Prada-Candy. Yummy. Well there you have it. Looking for a new fragrance, try one of my favorites and let me know what you think. I know the perfume counter ladies are sometimes stingy with their samples but ask anyways! Your skin is not paper so how can you judge the scent from a piece of paper? TIP: If you travel, save those samples for your carry-on! Under 3 ounces and they don't spill :)