I am not really sure what it even means and when I try to explain it to people I just say "it's like Bunko." That's a lie because I have no idea how to play Bunko but people are way more familiar with it and don't ask anymore questions. Really, it's Bingo with a deck of cards, but when you tell people you play Bingo, you automatically get looked at like an old lady. Listen, after 2 hours of "socializing" before playing, you can't expect much from anyone and I didn't start this tradition. It was started long before I was even....well apart of the neighborhood of course. Don't judge, these ladies are awesome. It all starts with a volunteer in the neighborhood to host and either bring 10-1 dollar bills or sometimes we play with a gift around 10 dollars in value. Money is more fun because we play more rounds and who doesn't love a wallet full of ones? Ha. So I hosted last night, which I love doing. I had a little issue with getting the email out and yes I still blame my "baby brain." I wonder how long I will get away with that? Normally, we all bring a dish but I didn't want anyone to have to bring anything and mostly because of my non-diagnosed OCD :). I like to plan, know what I have to serve, and everything has a place. I seriously woke up at 8 am and started "preparring" for the party, which starts at 7pm. See what i mean? Brownies in the oven, smokies prepped, veggies washed, a delicious cheese tray from Gateway Market, and Greek dip in the making ( recipes to follow.) Yes, my child was sleeping which makes it so much easier to get my crazy on.

At 7pm the ladies start arriving and I just put my baby down to sleep. I told the ladies she would be up in an hour because she doesn't sleep that long and of course she made me look like a liar. Two and a half hours later she made her debut. They were all excited to meet her. During her "nap" there was a lot of catching up to do with the ladies and as the napkins state below, " We do not gossip, we distribute vital information." But really, you do not want to miss Pokeeno night or you will be the topic :) Kidding. Good wine, good food, and great company, I am not sure why we don't do it more often!

After a lot of laughs, yelling Pokeeno, and one win under my belt, the ladies left. Until next time, we will pick right back up where we left off. Another successful Pokeeno at the Chinese house!