And then...

Well today was one of those days where I asked my self, and then what? I have been employed since I was 14 and today I said goodbye to my beloved job, turned in my badge, cleaned out my lockers, and walked away from 8 amazing years with amazing people. The reasoning was actually quite simple but that doesn't make it any easier to do. It may not be forever, and it's not like I won't ever get to see them, but it feels like that right now. And then what.. People ask me, why are you sad? Well, I am sad because I worked hard to get a degree, to get that job, I enjoy what I do, and I have known nothing different than to work. I also have a strong independent side, I love the feedback from people other than my loved ones at home, and its an adult "break". Don't get all huffy about me saying going to work would be a "break." Trust me, my work is NOT easy and when I say break I am talking about the kind you get when you are around friends, your support system. My co-workers and I didn't even know what the word "break" meant sometimes. Right ladies? Staying at home isn't easy either, they are just different types of work. Mother's breaks are usually in between naps and during that time you hurry up and get things done around the house before they wake up again! So no one really ever gets a "break." Whatever work you decide to do, whether it is staying home or going back to your job, it is a very important job.

The work I do at home as a wife and mother is something I enjoy and don't see it as work most days, even though it is. I love making dinner, rocking the baby to sleep, doing laundry, and running errands. Seriously, what could be better than taking care of the ones you love? Trust me when I say that I am so beyond excited and blessed to spend each day with my growing daughter and I look forward to each morning with her sweet smile and the "talks" we have. I would cry if I missed any part of her growing up and can't imagine not being there with her. But again, I am allowed to say that I am sad that I am leaving my outside job for another more important job in my life. Staying at home isn't for everyone and really dislike that there is so much judgment in the world about these 2 topics of working and staying at home. To each as own.

So as I drive away from the my second home, I look back in my review mirror and see a beautiful sleeping baby, shed a few tears, and I couldn't be any happier than I am right now. I am looking forward to many playdates, memories, and fun with my loves. You don't get to ever take time back, so right now we will live each day to it's fullest. As we drive home, I will put her down in her baby bed to sleep, and then ask myself, and then what? Well, throw in another load of laundry of course :)