Gordmans Grand Opening Event

YEAH!!! Our local Gordmans is open and it’s so nice! Gordmans recently opened 38 new locations around the country. We had a blast this morning shopping, running into other fellow bloggers and meeting new & existing followers! We were one of the first 100 shoppers through the door so we received a $5 coupon and the coolest insulated tote as promised!

I love how the store is set up, making it very easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for…and maybe finding more than what you are looking, for like we did.

Not familiar with Gordmans? Check HERE to find a store nearest you! You won’t be disappointed!


Always doing it for the gram 💁🏼 How cute are these PJ’s? Their selection ranges from petites to plus size. Did you catch in my Instagram stories that they carry authentic Louis Vuitton bags and other high end brands? Follow me over on Instagram to take a look inside the store!

We also found Callaway golf shirts for men under $30…hello Father’s Day gifts! Trust me when I say there is something for everyone in this store, including your fur babies.

IMG_1074 2.JPG

I did manage to snag a new pair of sunnies….wait for it….under $4! Rowan and I had fun trying on these fun sunnies and looking through all of the toys and kids accessories. The outdoor selection is one of the best including pool floats, towels, outdoor games, and more!

Of course we brought home a few new Jojo bows for Rowan to add to her collection!


Spring cleaning and organizing anyone? Looking to spruce up your closet? These are the best hangers and they come in several colors and only $9.99. Even just by switching out the hangers and making it uniform in color will turn the look of your closet around! I use the black ones.


Y’all know I love my workouts and lattes! Fitting top right? Haha of course I needed a unicorn mug to go with my latte shirt because somedays as a stay at home/working mom, I could use unicorn powers! Am I right??


Thank you all for following along with me on the grand opening and I look forward to seeing everyone’s experiences as they shop too! Don’t forget to tag me @ladyandredstyle on your social media accounts with your Gordmans finds!

**This is a sponsored post. All words and thoughts are my own.

April Top Selling Items

Sayonara April….hello May! I love May because it’s my Birthday month! But before we jump to May, let’s round-up the top sellers for April! If you are new to these posts, I take my top selling items from April from the Liketoknow.it App, Instagram, and the blog. I list them here for you to scoop up if they are still available, and if they aren’t, I will link a look alike for you!

I am so ready for warmer weather and sunny skies! who’s with me?

Happy Shopping!


Thank you J.Crew for bringing back the best tank and obviously y’all loved it too because it was the TOP selling item! It comes in 10 colors and yes you can wear a regular bra! Shop this tank HERE


Dress or coverup? You decide. I choose both! I love the yellow color for Summer and this flowy number is adorable paired with a bralette too! Shop this look under $60 HERE


THE best sandal and THE only one you will need! I have it in black and nude! It is under $90 and literally go with everything. Shop the sandal HERE


I may have more watch bands now than shoes 😬 but hey they are an easy way to spruce up those ugly Apple watch faces! I love this taupe color double wrap band, but it also comes in 20 other colors too! Shop the $17 watch band HERE


$14 statement pants. Take the leap people, you won’t regret it! If you want to “tone them down” then pair it with a black or camel color top, or even ivory! The style possibilities are endless! Shop these pants HERE ( I am wearing a size 4)


I just posted this photo less than a week ago and y’all went bananas for this belt! A good dupe never hurt anyone 😉 This comes in other colors too! I love the white! Shop this under $20 belt HERE!


Twist back sweater! This comes in 8 colors, Prime shipping, and only $22! Order your’s HERE! (Obviously I need to work on ze booty 😂)


$11 silicone band is hard to beat! It is wipeable and fits small and large wrists perfectly. It comes in other patterns/prints including a cute dog paws one for you fur mamas! Shop the band HERE!


This purple 😍 Sweatshirt runs TTS, I am wearing a small, and it is $22! Limited sizes are left! Shop it HERE before it sells out!


Only the best $49 jacket ever! I think the pink is sold out now but the black is classic and runs TTS! I am wearing a small. It also has thumb holes if ya love that sorta thing! Shop the jacket HERE!

Cheers friends to an amazing May!! Stay tuned for me exciting things to come! XOXO

I Don't Diet

What do you eat? How do you stay so skinny? Are you naturally thin? What diet do you follow? I feel so silly writing something like this post because my diet is absolute crap and it varies from day to day. I try really hard sometimes to eat well, then other times I eat junk for a solid week or longer until I pull myself back together. But you guys ask and I will answer. And I will answer honestly.

The key to my sustaining my weight is balance and working out. I work my butt off at the gym whether it is weights or running. When I run more for my sanity, I get to eat more because I am burning more calories. You all see me eating McDonald’s, donuts, cookies and crap on my Instagram stories, but in reality I eat those things and then eat healthy or minimal the rest of the day. So I typically eat breakfast around 10am after a workout. And it may be eggs or egg bites from Starbucks, and by that time, I have already had 2 cups of coffee which fill me up.

So when lunch time rolls around for my daughter, I am usually not hungry. But if we go through McDonald’s, I will eat most of her fries, order a Diet Coke and eat the last few bites of her cheeseburger. That’s it for the afternoon.

I may go home and snack on cheese or salami or nuts but not always. I rarely eat fruit even though I like it, unless wine is counted as a serving 😂. Then I start cooking dinner around 4:45 or 5:00 pm and that’s when I pour a glass of wine. I tend to eat best at dinner because I am cooking and make only protein and a veggie. No carbs or very little.

I totally am a sweets girl and if I make cookies or brownies I will eat them. But that is why I tend to not make stuff like that or I will eat it, and all of it. Throw in a workout everyday and really that is very little calories consumed. If Aunt Flow is near, I will eat you and your house. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

I am in NO WAY endorsing eating how I eat. Healthy people are cringing as we speak and companies will start to voluntarily start to send me health stuff 😬 I don’t eat salads, I don’t drink water. I try everything to make water taste better. Occasionally I will get a thirst for water and drink some. I know it is not healthy. It is always something I try to do better at so if you ever see me carrying a water bottle around…you should be worried! Haha

If I eat out at a restaurant, I will limit my carbs. So for example I will order a hamburger, ask for no bun, but eat a few of the fries. I don’t like feeling deprived of things. I mean does anyone like feeling that way? No. I think when people are told they can’t have certain things they tend to crave them more, or at least I do.

I am completely aware that this would be a real struggle for some people as everyone has different relationships with food and different personalities. That is the beautiful thing. You know yourself best and if you can’t even tempt yourself with an occasional sweet, don’t. I think the most important thing is to not compare yourself to everyone around you. Find your happy weight, that is healthy for you, because your family loves you and wants you, and needs you to be around for many years to come.

I also feel it is perfectly healthy to have a goal or a photo that motivates you. I am motivated by the way my clothing fits me and when I see my hard work pay off, I want to keep that up. I also would love to just eat whatever, whenever and not give a rip, but that is not my personality. Life for me is all about balance. And I hope that you find this inspiring to you, even if in a small way. Don’t think that I am some skinny B that can eat what I want, when I want, and stay thin. I can’t. I work at it. I constantly think about the food I consume and I have an ideal goal in my mind always about where I am comfortable at. Don't let the numbers define you though. Working out, my scale numbers increase while my fat decreases. I rarely weigh myself, if ever because when I am too focused on the numbers it increases my anxiety and that defeats the purpose of working out to decrease it 🤷🏼‍♀️.

I am going to rant for a second. Do NOT body shame people. Do NOT take photos of unfit people in places ever. Do NOT bully someone for their weight. Do NOT allow yourself to judge someone at the gym for any reason. They showed up. Even if it’s that super gorgeous girl with her full face makeup that you would kill to have her body. (Guilty: I look at the lil 20 year olds and wish my butt stood up like that still 😂) Use it as motivation. Compliment them and I bet you will feel a million times better than if you start talking about them behind their back. Women should lift each other up, not tear them down trying to feel better about yourself. Ok I am done.

People start loving instead of judging.



2 or 3 over medium eggs, and 3 strips of bacon (I make it in bulk ahead of time and keep it in the fridge and re-heat.)

Coffee. Like 12 cups 😬 Ok like 2 or 3. I am working on switching it to 1 coffee then Kombucha.

Starbucks egg bites- I love the bacon ones

Hard boiled eggs


Hamburger patty, cheese, egg, bacon dipped in ketchup & mayonnaise. (easiest meal for lunch even if eating out)

Tuna with pickles and mayo

Egg salad

Deviled eggs

Salami and cheese

pickle wraps

Jimmy Johns Unwich

Charley’s Subs Philly steak with no bun over lettuce

Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper


Protein and veggie. Occasionally wine…ok most nights. 😂

I eat a lot of steak and brussel sprouts. I add bacon and blue cheese to my brussels.

I sub in cauliflower for potatoes and love veggies covered in cheese sauce.


String cheese


plain Chobani Greek yogurt with honey and peanut butter. 

If I am craving something sweet I grab a diet Dr. Pepper.



Cinnamon rolls


Monster cookies

Sugar free pudding

Hot tea with honey before bed if I am hungry still

**You can find several of my recipes under the Recipe tab here on Lady and Red ☺️ or on my Instagram @ladyandredstyle stories under Recipes.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Calling all mamas or mamas to be! I have put together a fun gift guide that you can either use as a gift guide for your mamas OR conveniently send it to your significant others inbox 😬 Let’s be honest…we all know how to drop a hint or two! Haha

The only thing I love more than anything on Mother’s Day is not cooking 🤷🏼‍♀️ Because I cook most meals at home and it is a treat to go out and not have to clean up anything! Although we were at Target the other day and I asked Rowan what she wanted to get me for Mother’s day and her reply was priceless….Louis Vuitton luggage. She is totally my kid. And then she proceeded to tell me to go look at in Target and she would let me pick it out. Ummm honey Target is great but not THAT great 😂

So to shop the images below, just click on the picture and it will take you to the product where you can add it to your cart!

Happy shopping….or hinting 😂