Travel Chicago!

Chicago is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities to travel to for almost everything. The shopping, the food, and the people are so friendly! My girlfriends and I have decided to make it an official annual "girls trip" I have already been there 2 times this year and I am hoping it's not the last. I had a lot of requests for recommendations this time around, so instead of trying to reply to everyone individually, I decided to do a little post for you so you can use it and share it too. 

We have traveled both ways, flying and driving. I would fly hands down every time because I love to fly but I think it is actually easier to drive if you are taking children. When we have a group of 6 ladies traveling, it makes it easier to split the cost of everything like an Uber or a taxi or you can pay $50 to park your car at the hotel. Other hotels may have different rates or policies. 


Yes, I travel in heels πŸ’πŸΌ It is only a 48 minute flight (54 according to my friend 😜) and we hit the ground running once we arrive! Haha plus I am usually wearing heels. Our trip is from a Thursday to Sunday and I think that is the perfect amount of time for anyone! If you plan on doing more sightseeing you may want to add an extra day!


We stay at The Thompson hotel. We love it for several reasons, but the location for us is #1. Right in the heart of the Viagra Triangle (yes it is an actual location choice on Instagram πŸ˜‚). No we do not stay there for that reason, but there are so many good restaurants and most of the shopping is within a 4-5 block radius! The hotel itself is very cool yet sophisticated with a great bar and restaurant on site, Nico. The staff are accommodating and definitely remember us each time we come back, yet I haven't decided if that is a good thing or not. ☺️

Off season pricing for our trip in May where we traveled with our 4 year old daughter was around $160 a night, so very affordable. During high season, you can expect that price to double.



Portillo's- famous hot dogs, because when in Chicago!

Maple & Ash- upscale dining, cool bar scene and great food. I would say kid friendly if they are over the age of 10. Otherwise it is a great date night!

Turquoise- It is a Turkish restaurant about a 15 minute Uber ride from The Thompson, but the food is worth it. Two of my friends that I travel with are Turkish.

Hugo's Frog Bar- My favorite Key Lime Pie in Chicago but please only get one dessert there for a table of 4 or more. It is way way too much! This is also the fist place I tried frog legs 😳 We took our 4 year old here and she was fine so I would say it is kid friendly for the most part. The noise level is pretty high at peak dining times.

LuxBar- Across the street from The Thomson. The avocado toast is amazing, the truffle fries are yummy and it's also a great place for a patio happy hour.

Fig and Olive- Upscale with a cool indoor bar. I have been here for brunch and lunch and to be honest, the brunch was my favorite! I would say not very kid friendly either.

Lou Malnati's Pizza- I have not had the "other" cometetiors pizza, Giordanos, but the crispy, buttery crush from Lou's definitely won me over! I asked a local what his favorite pizza was and he suggested Pequods, so we will try that next time! 

Sprinkle's Cupcake Machine- I mean it's an ATM for cupcakes, definitely must try it!

Federales- Tacos and Tequila! Fun Mexican restaurant if you are craving it! Open roof and fun vibe weekend days!

RM Champagne Salon or Pops for Champagne- if you are looking for a fun place to sip some bubbly!

RL Restaurant- We grabbed lunch here this last visit and we were all concerned on what to wear but honesty it was preppy but not stuffy. It is a place to say that you have eaten at.

Spiaggia and Spiaggia Cafe- We had a cocktail at the Spiaggia bar waiting for our table in the cafe part. I loved the atmosphere and view much better than the cafe view. The food is very small portions, fancy, and I would say if you are a "foodie" you would love it. It is unique and the flavors are great.

Little Goat Diner, Duck Duck Goat & Girl and the Goat- These were also recommendations from a local and we will definitely be trying one of these on our next visit! All ran under same Executive chef who won Bravo's Top Chef title.

Gibson's Italia- Great rooftop bar for Summer, and the vibe and scene is hip and similar to Maple & Ash. This is different that the Gibson's across from the Thompson hotel.

Bellemore- A new Artistic American cuisine restaurant that my friend Jentry recommends in the West Loop. She said the food is amazing!

Monteverde- A great place for brunch or dinner! They hand roll the pasta right there in house and they have a great bar and rooftop patio open in Summer.

Tempo Cafe- We ate here for breakfast but a full menu is served all day long and you can bring your own booze until 10pm. 

The Pancake House- This is our go-to breakfast the day we leave Chicago! It is directly across the street from The Thompson. The omelettes are huge so you can share one! Obviously the pancakes are delicious.


Nightlife in the Summer is all about rooftops! Probably because just like here in Des Moines, the weather is finally nice and people want to get out and enjoy it as much as possible. 

The Godfrey Hotel- A little older crowd with a nice rooftop bar.

Cyndie's Rooftop- Located at the Chicago Athletic Club on South Michigan, this bar hits the younger crowd.

Untitled- It is called a "supper club" because you can eat there too and you will think it is bizarre when you first walk in but later on it livens up! We just went there for dancing and a lot of it! 

Underground- Exactly what it says. It is a nightclub that is underground. I remember it being fun but that is not saying much πŸ˜‚


Chicago with a Toddler:

Shedd Aquarium- I think it is so much easier to get tickets online ahead of time! The line can get long. There is so much to see! If you want to do the shows, make sure to get tickets as well and plan your day round those times! Oh and parking was terrible because it was super busy the day we went but we found a parking garage not too far away. 

American Girl Doll- it is an expensive one at that, but you must do it at least once if you have a doll loving child. 

Lincoln Park Zoo- 35 acre zoo with FREE admission and open 365 days a year! It is actually one of America's oldest zoos too! Check out their website for other zoo events HERE. (If you have a Blank Park Zoo membership you will receive 10% off food and merchandise.)

LegoLand- This is indoors at a Mall in Schaumburg, but it includes lego themed rides and a softer play area for the littles. Booking your tickets ONLINE is actually cheaper!

Rainforest Cafe- I feel like if you have been to one you have seen them all, but if you haven't ever dined at one, you should go at least once. 

Maggie Daley Park- This park is so fun! Also fun in the Winter with an ice skating ribbon around the park. It also features climbing walls, tennis courts, open picnic areas and a 3 acre children play garden. It's open from 6am-11pm and features 6 different play areas, including: The Wave Lawn, The Harbor, The Watering Hole, The Slide Crater, The Enchanted Forest, and The Sea.

Chicago Children's Museum-  This is located at The Navy Pier! Be sure to check the dates and times for fun events and also a free family night.

The Field Museum of Natural History- (You can use your Des Moines Science Center membership here) It holds Dinosaur exhibits, Underground and Egypt adventures. I would say this is more appropriate for children over 5.

The Adler Planetarium- (Also included with your DSM Science Center membership) This is for those littles who are interested in all things Space! 

If you are planning on seeing a few of these sites on 1 vacation, you may want to check out the Chicago GO PASS for discounts! 


I hope this list of fun things to do gets you started on your Chicago vacation! If you have other must see things or restaurant recommendations please let me know because I will definitely be back! XO


Travel- San Jose Del Cabo

Who could use a vacation right about now? I know that I am always up for one! Cabo is one of the vacations that is on our vacation rotation, if you will.  The weather is always great and the areas to explore are endless! I have traveled to Cabo previously with my toddler in tow, where met my family down there and we stayed in a VRBO. You can read about that vacation HERE. This time was very, very different, but a good different. So good that I am actually looking forward to going back there and exploring the rest of what San Jose has to offer. We stayed at our friends timeshare, which is a lot closer to the airport, so instead of being the last drop off in your shared van, you are the first! We stayed at the resort Cabo Azul. If you follow me on Instagram (@ladyandredstyle), you got a sneak peak into my trip through my Insta-stories and my photos. Our trip did not start out as well as I envisioned, but it definitely ended up being one of my favorites, and I am looking forward to going back!


I flew out on a Saturday with my daughter and my husband was going to meet us there on Monday. His work schedule is crazy sometimes, so I did not want to loose 2 nights we were paying for. I normally travel light and feel safe in Cabo, so it was like any other vacation. We arrived at our resort around 2:45pm, but check in time was not until 4pm. I hate that...I really need to do better at checking times and coordinating them because I want nothing more than to check in, take off my shoes, and relax after flying, especially while I was doing it alone with a toddler. Now don't get me wrong, she travels like a rock star, but it is still stressful! So, in our sweaters and pants we took a seat on some loungers next to the pool where my daughter was begging to swim. I caved and let her swim in her dress, because who cares right? The pool was like 1 foot deep....but not where my daughter ventured. She ended up in the deep end, doggy paddling like crazy, causing me to freak out and jump in up to my thighs in WHITE jeans and grab her. Seriously I can't make this crap up. Then I sat there in what was now, see through white pants until our room was ready, an hour later. But our room was worth the wait, thank goodness.

We had the 2 bedroom villa and it was gorgeous. My dream house has an entire wall that opens up for indoor/outdoor living and this had that πŸ™Œ I had it open every day and enjoyed every minute of it. Our room had a fully equipped kitchen, but going to another country and stocking up on groceries seemed to be a bigger hassle for me than I wanted to take on. I used a delivery service with whom I communicated with a few weeks before our arrival, filled out a form of what I wanted, and BOOM it was delivered to my room upon our arrival! I planned to fix breakfast & lunch in the room and then we would eat out for dinner. I used Cabo Kruzer and you can find there HERE on Facebook or you can directly email them here: Definitely would do this again!

They do have a small grocery store on the property at Cabo Azul, but I found it difficult to find everything I wanted and needed, but it is such a nice amenity to have. 


The above photo is the view from the balcony in the lobby where they hold weddings and concerts. It overlooks the main pool area. There are also 2 other smaller pools, plus a kids pool which is awesome with a slide and splash pad. Camp Tortuga is a camp available if you want some adult time. They have several times available from 10am-9pm making it definitely a kid friendly resort. But if you are wanting an escape from them, they have an adults only pool too.


We caught the sunrise a few mornings, because it is stunning. There is something so magical about the whole experience, for me anyways. 

If you venture about 1/2 mile down the beach from the resort, you will find a hatchery where they are releasing turtles. Gosh those things are so darn cute!


Across the street from the property are several restaurants, shops, and pharmacies so you don't have to venture as far as we did for dinner, but it is worth it. 

One of my favorite streets is pictured below. It was so festive, filled with the smell of fresh tortillas and people trying to sell bobble head animals, but I love it. We bought trinkets everywhere!

We ate at the restaurant Jasmin's that is right on this street. The staff are so friendly and treat you like family. We ate our weight in food, but they kept bringing us new dishes to try. Plus, just sitting on the patio soaking in the sights from the street with a glass of wine, was more than enough for me.


A lot of construction was going on in the city center while we were there but when it is done, it will be so awesome. Pavers on the roads, quaint little shops and the cutest restaurants. We just walked to the city center from the resort. It is safe, but it is maybe a bit longer than some want to walk. You can take the city bus or taxi but, if you want to take it all in....walk. We didn't bring the buggy, which was not the best choice, so we took turns carrying her. Next time I will just buy a cheap one at Walmart.


Oh my lanta this bowl of goodness is just that. Heaven. At a little hole in the wall restaurant called El Herradero where they serve the best molcajete bowls. I had never heard of them before this trip but they are so good. I mean we could never get by serving this in America because the bowl comes out so stinking hot it's boiling your food still 😳 but that is why I love Mexico. Don't let the photo angle fool you, it is a very large bowl and full of shrimp & spicy chicken, but I managed to eat it all! Duh. 

Other favorite spots to eat:

Don Sanchez


Las Cazuelas del Don- this is not fancy and no alcohol is served (working on getting their license) but they have the BEST key lime pie.


This girl is soooo my kid. I am thankful for this blog in more than one way because I have evidence or blackmail as I may call it later. In the photo above we were at an art gallery of a man named Ivan Guaderrama. If you are local to Des Moines area or have attended any of the Lutheran Churches of Hope, you may recognize the name. He was actually at a few of our services up in front, painting. You will find 3 Angel photos in the West Des Moines Lutheran Church of Hope lobby that he painted. But back to point. My daughter was complaining she wanted me to hold her because apparently 4 year olds are only able to walk where they want to go, so I told her that she had to smile for one photo by this painting and then I would carry her. This is what I got. Total turd.


After wandering through the streets during the Art walk on Thursday, we ended up at this place called Mi Casa. Fitting, because it is an old house that was renovated into a restaurant with an open courtyard. Very cozy and the food was amazing. Always ask the waiter what they suggest before you order. They know and they just may make you step outside of your comfort zone. The kitties were just a bonus I guess and definitely kept my daughter busy! 

The Art walk is a must. It is every Thursday and if you click the blue link above "art walk" it will take you to the main website for it and all of the information you need, as far as times and location. The art ranges from small photos to sculptures you couldn't quite possibly tuck in your carry on. Styles for every taste. I wanted this Art (below image) for my office. It was so much better in person than in the photo, but if I ever go back, I may make it mine.


The hotel has a restaurant on site that you must make time for, Javier's. This photo was taken from our table as the sun was setting. A perfect ending to this vacation. 


I have not had the chance yet to golf in Cabo, but when I do I will take the recommendations from my friends who visit this area several times a year. These are their top courses if you are interested in golfing:

El Cardonal


Club Campestre

Cabo Del Sol

Remember this resort is not downtown Cabo San Lucas, so they sights and restaurants you may be familiar with in Cabo are still there, but a short taxi ride away, if you want to still check it out. We have been to downtown Cabo several times, and honestly we never even thought to go downtown because there was so much to do here in San Jose. 

Always if you have any travel suggestions for me, please comment and let me know so I can try them when I return! I hope you loved reading about our vacation and in a few weeks we are off again to our other favorite place, Puerto Vallarta.


Airplane Activities for Your Toddler

We have been jet setting with our daughter since she was 4 months old! Lucky her right? I remember that first flight wondering how I would ever survive it, but somehow we made it through! Each stage is a completely different task on how to keep them busy, but now we have it down to a science! We do not travel with our car seat, never have. If we rent a car, I rent a seat, and if we are in Mexico, well she rides in my lap or next to me in the car seat belt. She rode on my lap until we had to pay for a seat at 2 years old, but honestly, it is so much better to have her own seat. She has freedom to stand and move her legs, and usually curls up in her seat for a nap! But do whatever you find works for you and your family! 

I pack her a BACKPACK, usually her school bag, small enough for her to carry herself, but big enough to fill full of goodies. A trip to TARGET usually does the trick for me! Here is what I stuff in her backpack:


CRAYOLA MINI COLORING PAGES. These are found in the painting and coloring isle. There are a few versions of these like DORY but it comes with pages and markers to color with. If you want the mess free markers, they have those too!


Scour the dollar spot and you will find all sorts of goodies! We love these crayon packs that come with stickers, crayons and more pages to color! My daughter really just loves the stickers.


If you have any sort of handheld device, earphones are a must! These are under $20 but you can find some for less too like THESE. Bonus: Use these at restaurants too with the devices!! Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet dinner with your sig.other!


WINDOW CLINGS I think this is the most brilliant thing I have ever thought of! You can find these almost every season and they are super cheap! They stick to the windows, seat, tray table and not clothing! Plus you can rinse them off if you want to reuse them, but if not, pitch them out! Total must have for any age!


WATER WOW! Another must have! You fill up the pen with water, then you can color on the pages with no mess. Once you are done, the pages will dry, and you will be able to re-paint them over and over again! It also have several things to reveal upon "painting" the photo. 


The best of the best. The iPad. Make sure you have a good case like this one HERE. I am pro- iPad but we definitely monitor the use of it! So for things like traveling, here are some iPad tips:

1.) Download some new Apps!

2.) Download or rent a new movie for your child to watch.

3.) Put on some new music for them. We love Pandora baby Einstein radio.

4.) Load some photos of them over the years or videos of themselves in your Photos App. My daughter loves watching old videos of herself as a baby.

5.) YouTube. Ugh I have no idea why my daughter loves watching people make slime or open eggs but her eyes are glued to that screen. Hence the need for timed iPad use in our house. (only if airplane has wifi availability)

We are off to Cabo this Saturday and her bag is already packed! Don't let them peek inside the bag until they are on the airplane! That way it is all a big surprise!

We also used those Dum Dum suckers when she was younger to suck on if it seemed her ears were bothering her, but honestly it was more of a bribe 😊 She can now chew gum without getting it on everything so that is another helpful thing for her.

If you have other suggestions that you love, let me know! I am always looking for new surprises to pop inside of her bag! XOXO