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The struggle is real. I have debated on wether or not to embark on this new journey for over a year now. I seriously kept telling myself that when I really LOVE a new line I would just sign up to sell it, instead of just buying it all of the time for myself....well it happened. This new fall line is a "get in my closet" kind of love. I recently went to a Stella and Dot party and for the first time I got to see the bags, scarfs and accessories other than just their jewelry. I became even more obsessed. I watch a lot of Housewives reality shows because that's what you watch when you are one right?? Haha and if you know your Stella stuff you start seeing Stella and Dot everywhere! Just Google "celebrities wearing Stella and Dot", then click on images. BAM! Just ike this morning, Natalie Morales is wearing the new Aida Tassel Chandeliers 1 of the 4 ways you can wear them. Buy them here! IMG_8846

Which is why I can not believe that I run into people who still have never heard of the brand or company, which brings me to where I am now, selling it. Spreading the jewelry love. Why not buy and sell something I already love, for fun, extra money, and a great excuse to host parties with friends I don't get to see all of the time!!

My favorite part as a "stylist" is that I get to wear and play around with the jewelry and product before I sell it. If you have never bought or touched a scarf from Stella and Dot, now is the time. Seriously. I bought the Luxembourg Scarf to start off with because it is ON SALE and I wanted to experiment with it and see if I would actually use it.


If you want to buy it, click the blue link above because it will be gone soon! ( I get the inside scoop now :) ) I wore it the entire day with my cut offs and a black tank and I got so many compliments! It really is easy Mom style and functional. It is 40 X 80 in size and fits every body type, really. I wore it like a shawl in Costco because I get cold, then I wore it around my neck when I was outside and loading my groceries, and again later as a coverup at the Country Club pool. I can't make this stuff up people! I am guessing the scarves will be one of the biggest sellers at my party in August!

Again as a stylist, I am excited to answer any questions or help with finding things you will love. I would love comments on posts on what to order for samples so I can help you decide on what to buy or wear! Do not hesitate to message me!

On to the totes/bags/clutches. I feel like I am a bag snob....or just spoiled by my hubby :) Either way I stick to a few brands that I love and don't stray. I am a Mom of a toddler I need a bag that fits on my shoulder since both of my arms seem to be always occupied. When I was ordering my samples for my shows I figured I had better buy a bag or clutch to see the product so I can honestly sell it to people. Again. Mind blown. If you are my trusty blog reader than you know that when I travel, I travel light and all in a carry on. I have my standby tote that I use and now I have found a new love. The Hudson Bag. Hurry up and order it as it is already on backorder (ships August 14th) from just being released a few weeks ago.

The bag is shown alone in the first photo and then with the clutch inserted into the pocket!

Why? You ask? Watch the video in the link and know that the City Slim Clutch fits in the front pocket of the bag giving it a totally new look and when you are traveling it can be a bag with the kids during the day, then take the clutch out for dinner alone that night with the significant other :) Black and white never goes out of style...ever.

And just when you thought Stella and Dot stopped there, they have the most adorable little girls line too! Of course I would HAVE to order some of that too :) Here is what I love, I spend about $15-$30 normally on necklaces for my daughter and those candy bead necklaces break every time she gives it a tug...which is always. The Stella necklaces are tied up with ribbon that can not break :) It also allows for me to adjust the length, not a metal clasp around her neck, and it grows with her. Plus who doesn't love to buy things in sets?? The newest thing to our collection is the Olive Pearl Bib Necklace & Bracelet Set.

IMG_8857 IMG_8859

Easily my favorite thus far for her. So girlie and sparkly. I just wish I had it when she was a baby for those cute baby photos! is on SALE!!!! Originally $34 now $20.40 for both the necklace and bracelet! Buy it now for a great Christmas gift, Birthday, or as a gift for a friend having a GIRL! If you want to see it on all ages of girls just Google it (my go to website) or look it up on your Instagram account! That is what all of those hashtags are for! #stelladotstyle

So if you are a Stella and Dot newbie, start with the the basics and build up from there! I would recommend the Rebel Pendant in gold or silver (depending on your taste). It is a great long necklace that can be worn with layers of necklaces of your own. Pick up the Renegade Cluster Bracelet in whatever color you ordered your necklace in. Add this bracelet to your watch hand for instant edge! Add some sparkle with the Amelie Bracelet! And as far as earrings go, start with something that gives you versatility. I love the Aida Tassel chandeliers from above and or the Bianca Earrings that can be worn 2 ways for my Nurse friends who can't wear dangly things, if that is even a word :) and they all go great with the Rebel Pendant!

Whew! Can you tell I am excited? Haha well until next time! Cheers!

If you want to host a party sometime, email me! or FB message me! I have a lot of dates available and what a great time to earn free stuff before the holidays! Stella and Dot stuff makes perfect gifts for : Kids, Teachers, Friends, Family, and co-workers (if you like them) :)

Click here to start shopping! If you haven't already!