Homemade Laundry Soap

I started making my own laundry soap about 2 years ago and haven't turned back yet! No, I don't have to make my own but why not when I have the time and it saves a little money? Wouldn't you rather spend your saved money on something more exciting than detergent? Well I would. It really is so simple and takes a max of 10 minutes, seriously. I use this in my HE ( high effenciency) washing machine, I do not hand wash :) and it works great!The down side is you don't get the hundreds of scents to choose from, it really doesnt have a "scent" per say, it just cleans your clothes. But why do you need to mix the smell of fresh spring detergent with your expensive perfumes anyways? I DO buy some smelly thing like Unstoppables and put them in with my towels and sheets, I like them to smell fresh! Also, I have not tried to wash my baby's clothes with this detergent. Not saying you can't, I will just wait a bit. You can find all of these ingredients needed at...Walmart. Sorry, but true. I have nothing against Walmart, just don't go on the weekends, around holidays or before a storm! Just head for the laundry aisle and you can gather up most of your list!

You will need: 1 glass container with a lid (doesnt have to be glass, mine just sits out on the counter.) 1 scoop that is 2 tablespoons ( find in the cooking area) 1 box of Borax 1 box Arm & Hammer washing soda 2 -1 lb boxes regular baking soda 2 bars Fels Naptha-grated into small bits 2- 1.3 lb containers of Oxi Clean ( can use a generic brand) 1 paper bag- I use a small shopping bag. Easy to stir and pour soap from Grater Spoon/knife or something to stir with

Directions: Pour all ingredients into paper bag, mixing/stirring well. Grate Fels Naptha with a large holed cheese grater ( medium size if you wish.) Add grated soap to mixture, mix together well. Pour into glass container and you are ready to use! I added the cute burlap bow for fun on my glass jar.

* I half this recipe because my glass jar can't hold the full recipe. For my family it lasts up to 5+ months! Use 1 scoop for normal soiled laundry and 2 scoops for soiled laundry.