This & That

This week has been CRAZY! Organizing and packing for an upcoming vacation has me scatterbrained and my thousands of lists are not helping but I must press on and somehow get it all done. I was scouring Pinterest for 1st birthday ideas (yes it isn't until October) but I was just looking. In someone's post they had these "Brookies" or brownies + cookies recipe. Hmmmm nothing better than cookie dough and brownie batter, so genius idea to combine them. I of course whipped up the best brownie batter and made my cookies from scratch for this winner of a treat :) 20140605-192847-70127860.jpg Ok so I cheated a little, but with a crawling baby I want EASY! The key is to get the mini chocolate chip cookies, they cook much better. Seriously get your muffin tin, spray your coconut oil or Pam, fill with1 heaping spoonful brownie mix then push the cookie dough down in the middle. I baked them at 325 degrees for about 22 minutes, just put a toothpick in them to check! Want a smaller "brookie"?? Use a mini muffin tin and half as much brownie mix. Genius! Let's hope these are still around for the upcoming car ride....

20140605-193307-70387430.jpg Trader Joes. I don't get it. Maybe I just don't know what the heck to get? Plus I hate how they don't have everything I need so another grocery run is NOT in my vocab these days, even though I said "Have baby, will live". We just live slightly different :) Sooooo I went there to get "healthy" snacks. I literally threw crap in my cart and when I got home, I had a little Fear Factor show in my kitchen. Haha

20140605-194753-71273015.jpg First I got Cowboy Bark. Dark chocolate with toffee, pretzels, Joe Joe cookies, peanuts, almonds, a salt. Verdict: YeeeeeHawwww I cheated and got my favorite bars, Think Thin crunch bars. I love the chocolate dipped nuts one best. They are non-gmo, soy protein, Gluten free, 8g protein, 6g sugar, and 4g fiber. Yum. My husbands favorite are the individual packages of almonds, cashews, and cranberries trek mix, so I was a good wife and stocked up on that for him. Next I must have had wine on my brain (weird) and I bought Parmesan crisps. I am not sure about healthy but what is better than cheese and bread? These would be a good cheese plate addition or just plain. Next were these roasted Gorgonzola crackers. Again with the cheese, bread, and wine. Verdict: Tastes like a fancier Chicken and a Biscuit cracker, I am assuming you all have had those before?! I felt the need to eat these with a pinky in the air. Kidding. Verdict: Yummy. And I saved the best for last. What's not to love about dried fruit? Well upon opening up the crispy Jeju mandarin orange slices, I noticed a Silica-Gel packet, you know the thing you find in your new shoe boxes? Gross. Why oh why did they do that? Verdict: Almost too creeped out to eat but once I did, I probably would never buy these again, like ever.

20140605-195136-71496256.jpg If anyone has a Trader Joe cheat sheet, it would be much appreciated. Until then I will stick to Whole Foods and HyVee :) Speaking of Whole Foods, their dried fruit is my favorite. So with a sleeping baby, I swung by to get the goods.

20140605-195346-71626662.jpg Best idea ever....gave my baby an apple ring to chew on. Didn't fall apart and kept her entertained for hours...okay minutes but still!

20140605-195503-71703658.jpg Today was our first mommy and baby swim class, so cute. I purposely joined a new gym just for this class (if you know me, you know I hate the gym). We sang some pool songs (I have learned every baby thing comes with a tune), got her ready to go under water eventually or what the teacher called "conditioning". Well she accidently dunked her face during bath time and she was not a fan...just warning you. Did I mention she missed her nap today before class? Oh so during back float time, in my arms, she fell asleep. Like out cold, no joke, sleeping in the pool. Cutest thing ever, wish my phone was waterproof. Come on Apple, get with it. Needless to say she was bored and not impressed :) I got my official gym bag today in the im not taking the free one the gave me with their name and logo splattered on the front, not to mention everyone else carrying the same bag. Ugh. I ordered the Spring Tote in Black/Coral Sizzle from Athleta. So. Freaking. Cute.

20140605-200316-72196741.jpg I see that they also sell my wet/dry bag on their website, but mine was bought at BuyBuy Baby. Apparently great minds think alike! I wanted a bag to use for yoga and swim class...and I may have to go back just so I can try out this new beauty. Lots of pockets, space, and looks like a cute tote not a manly duffle bag. Plus this coral spice inside....

20140605-200601-72361784.jpg Well I will get back to getting ready for our cabin camping vacation. If I post no more blog posts, assume a bear ate me. If no bear encounters occur, I will try and sell you on another vacation to take your family or significant other on...just like Travel Barbados :) Free of charge. Almost forgot. Time to lower the mattress....again.

20140605-200959-72599802.jpg Yes that is a princess crown above her bed, just blame me :) and thank Restoration Hardware.