Terrifying Three's


You may have heard of the terrible twos or the three-nagers, but I am going to call it the terrifying threes, because that is exactly what it is to me. If you have a 2 year old then you should quit reading because I do not want to scare you, but if you are in the terrifying three stage or past it, you will hopefully relate, and if not, tell me so I can get her help because clearly I am not the problem!

I did not think that 2 was as bad as everyone says it is, she was actually pretty sweet and loving. And please don't get me wrong she is still very sweet and loving but this whole "I think I need my independence" stage is for the birds. So basically before potty training and until she is 4, she can maybe live at Nana's house half of the time?! And unfortunately my Mom would not turn her away, and in all reality, she would bring her back to me and say, "I have already raised one of you." πŸ˜‚ Yes,my child acts JUST like me. It is kind of cute and humorous sometimes, but mostly it is scary as heck.

Her Pre-School teachers caught a glimpse of it at her Valentine's Day party when she appeared to have taken a bath in her cup of water at snack time and mom of the year here did not have a change of clothes at school for her so she had to put on a shirt from the "box". She came home in this green hoodie thing that looked like a little boy shirt from the 80's. God Bless whoever donated it, but the teachers informed me they had "a little problem". I was thankful they called it little, heck at home it is life or death. She told them that it did not match her outfit, she did not want to wear it, and she does not like the color green πŸ˜‚ When I picked her up, trust me, I had to hear about it all the way home. I mean really? All I could do was laugh because this is not the first time she has told me that something I picked out was ugly. And why when they hit 3 do they now want to do everything themselves, including getting dressed? I am totally fine with her picking out her own clothes on most occasions but now everything has to match. Red bow, red shirt, red pants, red shoes and red purse. And then once we have the "perfect" winning combo, I then wait 40 years for her to get dressed because she would rather throw a complete tantrum and make a new arm hole in the shirt than to have me just guide her hand to it. I am sure that I have mentioned over the years blogging that I am a control freak and it is soooo hard for me to watch her do this and not intervene!!! I know I know, I need to go back and read my post "Easy over Experience" because counting to 10 is failing me right now.

Do you know how much I dread taking my daughter to a public restroom? Why? Well, lord knows they all smell and no one really acknowledges it but just keeps it to themselves, right? Nope. Not my child. EVERYTIME we enter a public bathroom I have to hear about how bad it smells in there, so embarrassing. But it gets worse, yep. We were in the stall while she was going potty and the gal next to us was clearly going #2. We are not very private in our home so she knows this is so normal and totally not a big deal. But she still proceeds to yell, "Oh gosh Mom, someone next to us is pooping and she stinks, YUCK." I mean at that point, do you just sit in the smelly stall and wait for her to leave or do you bust a move and run out of there before she can see this sweet child of mine? I know people understand but seriously sometimes I don't think they do, so I am left making up cute excuses for my not so cute at the time child. Not only does she point out bad smells, but she notices people and attributes about them now. How in the world do you other mommas and daddy's deal with this?? I may need some tips and please do share!


I know some of you are thinking that these things aren't even that bad but everything at 3 is like a ticking time bomb over here. If the blocks won't stack right, if the circle block will not fit into the square hole, if the sock lines are bugging her feet, or the tag in her shirt is touching her neck. The struggle is real folks. The sass talk as I like to call it, the attitude, the mood changes from sweet angel to crazy town. Three is just something I have yet to fully understand and I am sure it will be over before I even have a chance to!

Maybe what is most terrifying is that they mimic your behavior and that in itself can be very eye opening. At least it has been for me! They really are soaking up everything you are doing and teaching them, the good and the bad. From the way I talk to the dog if he is muddy or the words I mutter under my breath about the annoying driver in front of me, but more importantly the kind words I say to her on a daily basis. I will listen to her play with her animals and she will say almost word for word conversations that we have had and I will think to myself, I can't believe she was actually listening that closely. Or we will play "I spy" in the car to keep  her from falling asleep sometimes and when I guess it right she says to me "good job mommy, I am so proud of you". Melts my heart, but then in 3 year old fashion,  the other night in bed we were all laying together and she turns and says to my husband, "daddy, you kind of smell. Like poop. You need to go wash yourself." I almost peed myself and tried so hard not to laugh but clearly she has heard that from SOMEONE!!! It can be a big wakeup call hearing some things come from such a little mouth and all of a sudden it doesn't sound so cute after all and actually makes me sad to think that I would say things like that, or in that tone. I mean who is raising who here? I have always said that becoming a mother has forever changed me, little did I know it would continue to shape who I am daily. Being a mother can be terrifying in itself, especially when it is your first time and there is no stinking manual for this crap and it is hard! Trial and error baby! I am definitely not wishing it away as she keeps me on my toes daily, but she sure knows how to terrify me! Much love mamas!!