6 Month Milestone

We survived! Sometimes I am not sure how we survived sometimes and I hardly remember some (most) nights, but maybe that is why people end up having more children. Not this lady :) Time has flown by and sometimes I wonder how she got to where she is at and look back a few days and she was only just starting to "talk" to me. We have determined that the ONE thing my child got from me was my personality which means when she is 14 she is going to live with her Nana...ok Mom? This weekend my brother graduated from high school and on the way to dinner my husband and I were talking about our child's future. Not gonna lie, I tear up every time I even think about Kindergarten let alone her graduating. Oh boy! I also mentioned how I always wanted a boy and never pictured myself with a baby girl, but I truly think God knew what he was doing because she is the apple of my eye. That girl has my whole heart and now I don't know what I would ever do with a boy now. 20140526-193653-70613672.jpg I am at the point where I can't decide if we should buy an actual video camera or just keep using my trusty iPhone? I capture things like her playing with our dog, trying new foods, and her pooping. Yes, you heard me right, I am not sorry it is so cute and funny. Plus I may need blackmail for the future, remember she acts like me! Haha I love capturing her sitting up, crawling, and now trying to pull herself up to stand. We are so over just sitting, she thinks she is bigger than she really is. Why do they have to grow so fast? If I could bottle up a stage/age it may be this one right now. What does everyone else do? Buy a camcorder or not??



20140526-071832-26312125.jpg I made another round of baby food Saturday and her favorite one at that. 1/2 avocado, 1/4 pineapple, 1 banana, and 1/2 container of Yo Baby pear flavored yogurt ( from Whole Foods). Blend and freeze. Super simple and to use the all of the goodies, like yogurt and avocado, make another batch :) Oh and my brother licked the spoon clean after I was done...he is 21. It's seriously that yummy. Her second favorite food....pizza crust. Don't judge, she loves carbs like her daddy plus her Pediatrician said to do this, oh but add butter to it (which I don't do). I am not Paula Deen. Most of you know that I have a garden and my awesome hubby built me a new raised garden so I could plant more goodness. I love everything about it, but now I have another itch that I am trying to NOT scratch. I may want chickens...only 2 of course but someone please talk me out of it because I can't seem to leave the idea alone. Thank you in advance. My husband would appreciate it also. Baby proofing is becoming a constant task these days and I swear she finds the smallest pieces of nothing before I can even blink! I feel like I will never be able to move any furniture in the future because it will be all bolted to the walls or strapped to the floor! Would it be bad to use the dog kennel as a corral? Kidding. Who needs to exercise when you are chasing a crazy baby? And as far as leaving her unattended in her Mama Roo....

20140526-082715-30435285.jpg I think our question is answered about that one. Time to rid of another baby item :(. We had our 6 month photos taken this month by Sarah McConnell Photography (she is awesome) and I swear I leave a photo session feeling like I just put in 12 hours at work. I mean seriously the things I do to get her to smile...turd. Listen, I pull out all of the stops and by all I mean ALL. So embarrassing. One of my favorites is for some reason I started saying "Scooby Doo" in the voice of the character and she laughs most every time, but I sound like a buffoon. I also wonder if in her tiny little head of hers she is secretly cracking up at the fact that I am clowning around yelling her name, clapping my hands, making every noise and face you could imagine to make her laugh? She probably knows what she is doing and laughing inside at me. Well baby, mamma's got news for you....it won't be the last time I embarrass you :) Huge thank you to Sarah for joining in on my madness to get that perfect picture.

20140526-193752-70672928.jpg Copywright Sarah McConnell Photography. To whine or to wine? We do both. Maybe 6 months comes with whining, I would not bottle this part up, believe me people. I started teaching her simple sign language at 4 months old, which is too early, but she knows what they are but can't quite figure out how to coordinate her movements yet. Not a genius yet, but close :) If she can't get a toy, she whines, if she want's another bite faster than you are going, she whines. Oh and I put her in a dress the other day and it inhibited her crawling, she threw a holy hell fit until I took it off. Whoa! Is this normal or do I really have a diva on my hands? So therefore this mamma loves a glass of wine on occasion! My current favorites are Simi cabernet and La Crema chardonnay! Ahhhhhh bring on the whine or wine. Cheers! My absolute favorite things about her being this age is when I sing to her she instantly gets a smile on her sweet face and I get to snuggle her still without her pushing me away. Almost every day since she was born I sing "You are my Sunshine" to her. Oh these are some of the days that I will never get back but I hope she always remembers. So before the Bachelorette (for a good laugh, follow @Possessionista on Twitter) comes on, I am making some brownies (from the box of course because they are the best) and pouring myself a glass of wine to celebrate this weekend being over, and cheers to a 7 p.m. bedtime. Ahhhhhh