Blogging Resolution

I have been wanting to jump on this whole blog bandwagon for a long time now and I just haven't found the right time for it. I swear I have 3 or 4 different blogs out in space with maybe 1 post on each of them, but I am starting fresh and sticking to it! I especially wanted to blog now after having my first baby. Horrible timing is what I am sure most of you readers are thinking right now, but I got so tired of people telling me that my life was over because I now had a child and leaving the house was impossible. Well, I guess this is to prove to them that life can exist after baby, it just might require more lists and wine. So what is this blonde going to write about? Well, whatever comes to mind that day or week.  Sit back and follow along as I write my way through this year. Food, events, travel, fashion, and  baby are just a few things of the things to get me started.