Toddler Girl New Arrivals!

I was loading up my cart for my daughter and thought it would be fun to share what is on it's way to my house! These are new arrivals so they should all be in stock AND if you use the code "SOGREAT" right now, you will receive an extra 35% off of your purchase! I also take advantage of  this time to stock up on sale items for next year too! 

 **P.S. they have some really cute Disney things for those of you that may be traveling there in the near future! Even for the adults too!! We are heading there this May for the first time with my Dad and family! We are so excited!! So any and all tips are appreciated! 

Happy Shopping and as always, if you are on the hunt for something specific, feel free to reach out to me!! XOXO


Valentines Day Wishlist

I know I know, we just finished Christmas but have you seen the candy and decor out already for Valentines Day?? Embrace it! Plus, I need to get you guys some ideas on what to put on your wishlists 😍 One or more of the items below are totally on mine! 

If you are not a fan of the so called Holiday, that's ok. Just use it as an excuse to treat yourself! Haha. Who needs a sig.other to buy them gifts? I have a hubby and I STILL like to buy my own gifts! My idea of a perfect Valentines Day date is getting dressed up and going to dinner somewhere cozy! If you would rather stay in, be sure to check out my to die for LAVA CAKE recipe for 2! I have also linked some interesting things below 😳 (not pictured) and also some fun pieces like the hearts t-shirt, which is in my cart!! The lip color below is my favorite red, so if you need a good red, look it up! 


Happy Valentine's Day-2.png

Fill the Cart Friday- Stella & Dot

I can't believe I haven't done this before because I know first hand about each product I order, the weight, size and coloring! I guess that is why people host parties, because I seriously put in last minute orders after I see someone wearing something I thought was "not my favorite" in the catalog or online! As you know, I am a stylist and have been for a over 2 years! I really am just a hobby stylist now because I am busy with other things, but I buy too much to stop selling it! 

With that being said, here are my all time favorite pieces! You can hover on the photos for captions and prices! And if you want to buy it or add it to your cart or wishlist, simply click the image to shop! XO and Happy Friday from sunny San Diego!


Black Friday Deals- Nordstrom!

So so many good sales, I had to jump on board and post for Black Friday....well because it is Fill the Cart Friday! I used to be the one outside in the freezing cold waiting for that amazing deal on a new TV or whatever, but I have graduated to shopping online in my PJ's with a glass of hot tea or wine and free shipping! πŸ˜‚ Getting wild in my old age! Haha I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I hosted this year as I normally do and I am guessing you saw my  Thanksgiving Day Recipe post and found it helpful?! 

Hover on the photos below and you will be able to see the amazing price for each item! This is my favorite time to scoop up some designer things that will remain staples in my closet!

We are off to Cabo tomorrow and I am looking forward to some sun and relaxation! Happy Friday and follow along over on my Instagram @ladyandredstyle! If you are also traveling with a toddler anytime soon, you should check out my post Airplane Activities for your Toddler. 

If you just want to check out their website yourself, without my picks, here it is! NORDSTROM